Wondercon 2019 & DC Comics Universe Spoilers: DC TV Stargirl Revealed!

Wondercon 2019 and DC Comics Universe Spoilers follows.

DC TV Stargirl Revealed!

      First Look: Brec Bassinger Shines as Stargirl

      With how much we’ve been talking about Doom Patrol lately, let’s not forget that there are not one, not two, but three more TV shows still set to debut on DC Universe this year.

      One of those shows is Stargirl, starring Brec Bassinger and based on the beloved young character created by Geoff Johns. The show doesn’t debut until summer, but attendees at today’s DC Universe panel at WonderCon were given a first look at Bassinger as a costumed Courtney Whitmore.

      With her cosmic staff and star-spangled costume, Bassinger looks pretty perfect and close to what we’ve seen in Courtney’s comic book appearances. But we can’t help noticing the half-obscured robotic-looking figure in the background. Could that be her frequent partner STRIPE? We know that the oversized robot will be a part of the show, after all…


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