DC Comics Universe & Electric Warriors #6 Spoilers: Revealing The Secret Future & Bridging DC One Million & Legion Of Super-Heroes?! Plus Superman, Lex Luthor, Firestorm & More!

DC Comics Universe and Electric Warriors #6 Spoilers follows.

Revealing The Secret Future and Bridging DC One Million and Legion Of Super-Heroes?! Plus Superman, Lex Luthor, Firestorm and More!

The book opens with a long-lived Lex Luthor…

…and the revelation of what he’s been up to and how’s he’s shaped this future.

He’s a manipulator and…

…pits War Cry against his brother!

With that out of the way, we now finally get the scenes that were not part of the teasers DC revealed before the issue hit the stands.

A gene bomb is ready to be activated and Lex Luthor is threatened by it.

Superman is also alive, but weak, and Lex Luthor can not siphon his powers to protect himself. At the same time, War Cry and his brother have fought, but have come to a d├ętente.

A new era begins.

DC One Million Superman is revived and goes back to his home in the sun, while Lex Luthor is incarcerated.

The book ends with War Cry and his Electric Warriors peers…

…created the New United Planets implied to be a precursor of the United Federation of Planets…

…so fundamental to the Legion of Super-Heroes! So, the LOSH begins here?! Cool!

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