WWE Raw 4/22/19 Recap – Number 1 Contender Set For Money In The Bank (MITB) 2019 PPV

HHH comes out followed by Seth and they talk about WM. HHH says that he hasn’t heard from Brock, so he’s probably in Vegas licking his wounds. Seth wants to know who’s best and HHH says that the best are on Raw and they will be in two triple threat matches and the winners face off in the main event to face Seth at the Money in the Bank PPV for the title. Joe wants in this match, as does Rey and then Drew, and then Miz, then Corbin, and then AJ’s out in his Mania gear with a new black, white, and gold shirt. Rey vs. Joe vs. AJ is up first, followed by Miz vs. Drew vs. Corbin later.

AJ lands a nasty snap backbreaker to Rey and AJ lands a sliding apron knee to Joe. AJ goes for a powerbomb, but Rey ranas him for 2. Rey lands the wheelbarrow bulldog and puts Joe in the 619 position, but Joe escapes that but eats a tornado dive. Joe double backdrops both men off the top. AJ hits a Clash on Rey onto Joe and wins it. Naomi and Billey Kay have a dreadful match that Naomi wins with a fluke cradle. Thank God the tag titles changed hands to make the champs look so strong. Another creepy Bray video airs.

Corbin/Miz/Drew is up with Miz as a fiery babyface and lands a springboard double axehandle. The It Kicks hit both men and almost make contact a couple of times. Drew lands the inverted Alabama slam on Miz for 2. Corbin misses a charge into the steps and Miz cradles Drew for 2. Jacknife cradle gets 2 for Drew. Drew lands the claymore kick on Miz, but Corbin tosses Drew out and steals the pin. Sami cuts another promo hating the fans and tells them to take a trip to Hell. This will be so great if the payoff is Kane coming out to defend the honor of Hell. Cesaro and Cedric have a perfectly fine little match that Cedric loses via a Very European Uppercut off a springboard.

The Usos and The Revival have a backstage promo with the Revival saying Raw is Top Guy Territory. The Viking Experience have been renamed to the Viking Raiders, which is a less bad name. Hanson is still Ivar and Rowe is still Erik. Cole gets in a slight mention about the fans talking about them a ton to allude to the name and they’ll destroy the Lucha House Party next. They face the ENTIRE LHP and they demolish them as they should and Erik lands a double one man powerbomb before landing The Viking Experience double-team pop-up powerslam.

Lacey Evans talks about getting a title shot at MITB and making her respect her and she’ll take two titles and put them around her waist. Becky gets the disarmher, but Lacey slugs her and that takes her down finally. Ricochet beating Gable is shown and then Roode’s heel turn is shown and he’s now Robert Roode. Roode’s site interview burying Gable is shown. Ricochet and Roode have a perfectly functional match with Ricochet landing some bizarre twirling TKO-ish variant of the GTS. The 630 doesn’t land and Roode throws him into the buckle and a Glorious DDT ends it. Roode feels like he’s very slightly on the way up, while Ricochet feels aimless.

Bray debuts the Firefly Funhouse with Mercy the Buzzard, Peppy the Witch, and buries his own swampman gimmick. He cuts the head off the cardboard cutout before waving his hand and revving his chainsaw. AJ vs. Corbin features AJ as a face in peril for a bit, but Corbin being a clod and costing himself chances to win before falling to the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ and Seth staredown and should have a fantastic match at MITB.

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