Blu-Ray Review – Fighting With My Family

How much would you sacrifice for your dream? For Saraya-Jade Bevis it was nearly everything. Born into a small time wrestling family in small town England, Paige’s career would wind up far shorter than she’d expected due to neck injuries. She had a fairly remarkable career in the short time she was in the WWE, however, and getting there was no small feat in and of itself. That’s the conceit behind Fighting With My Family, which follows Paige’s rise from small town independent wrestler to WWE main roster staple.

Saraya (Florence Pugh) is an indie wrestler in England hoping for a shot at the big time: the WWE. When her and her brother (Jack Lowden) are given a WWE tryout, and Saraya is the only one of the entire group to be offered a contract, she has to deal with the expectations of making it as an oddball in a group of models and cheerleaders.

It’s a fairly typical underdog tale, with the hero having to overcome the odds, that compresses and radically alters Paige’s actual history to make it fit into the standard tropes of the genre. It has a certain charm, and Vince Vaughn is arguably his funniest in a decade, but overall this is a forgettable film that’s at best a good rental.

A number of EPK pieces are the highlight of a pretty basic Blu-Ray release.

Universal presents Fighting with my Family. Written and Directed by Stephen Merchant based on “The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family” by Max Fisher. Starring Florence Pugh, Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Jack Lowden, Vince Vaughn. Run Time: 109 minutes Rated PG-13. Released on DVD: 5.14.19

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