DC Comics Universe & Justice League Odyssey #10 Spoilers & Review: Will Azrael, Starfire, Green Lantern & Cyborg Destroy The Multiverse / Metaverse As Pawns Of Darkseid?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League Odyssey #10 Spoilers and Review follows.

Will Azrael, Starfire, Green Lantern and Cyborg Destroy The Multiverse / Metaverse…

…As Pawns Of Darkseid?

This book features two JLO teams seeking out pieces of something called the Supelkore for Darkseid; both teams find resistance, but both teams…

…find and retrieve their pieces.

In total they have ten pieces of the Supelkore which is made of tech from Apokolips.

Interestingly, Cyborg is infused with Apokolips tech too; a boom tube which is activated…

…bringing the JLO to Darkseid!

The Pulse:

Ok art and ok story. I really want to like this story as I love the team and characters here, but I think this arc is taking too long. Not even entertaining sadly. 3 out of 10.

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