Pull List Roundtable 7/17/2019 – Vampirella By Priest, They Called Us Enemy, Batman #75 & More!


James Fulton

  • Vampirella #1 – I didn’t really expect that I’d ever read Vampirella, but then Dynamite went and got Priest (of Deathstroke and Black Panther fame) to write it, and I feel that it definitely deserves a shot, as he’s one of the best writers in the business.
  • I’m also looking forward to new issues of Black Badge, Black Science, Daredevil, Doctor Aphra, Excellence, Gideon Falls, Infinite Dark, Immortal Hulk, Invaders, The Life and Death of Toyo Hard, Little Bird, Port of Earth, Silver Surfer Black, the end of Uncanny X-Men (for now), The Warning, and sadly, the last issue of X-Force (which has been incredible).

Mike Maillaro – I loved Nancy Collin’s way too short run on Vampirella. Priest’s free comic book day Vampirella story was unreadable to me so unfortunately I will probably slip

Fulton:  He is not the writer to handle an eight page story. I just read it again and saw how he’s probably going to structure the series, and I’m interested. I have no background with the character though (didn’t know Collins did a run, I liked her Swamp Thing back in the day) so I don’t know how much might go over my head.

Mike: Her Vampirella run is real cool. I got the trade as a review copy and loved it. First Vampirella story I have ever read.  I have tried reading more of her backstory and some of the newer series, and they just don’t hold my attention all that much.

John Babos

4 books this week.

  • Batman #75
  • Captain Marvel #8
  • Justice League #28
  • Teen Titans #32

Mike Maillaro

  • They Called Us Enemy – A Graphic Novel by George Takei about this experiences in internment camps during World War 2. Takei had put a lot of his story into the terrific play Allegiance, so I am looking forward to reading this, though I expect it will be some difficult material to get through. I don’t want to get too political, but I would love for those in power to read this book and do everything possible to avoid repeating history…but sadly I just don’t see that happening.
  • Uncanny X-Men #22 – I’ve actually been enjoying this run of Uncanny X-Men for the most part. At the end of last issue, Emma Frost worked with the X-Men to make the world forget mutants ever existed. There is a lot of continuity questions springing from that, especially since we don’t even know if that will last once Hickman reboots the franchise.
  • Age of X-Man Omega #1 – So glad this is over!! I am a lifelong X-Men fan, and I usually love alternate reality stories, but Age of X-Man didn’t feel like it had anything new to offer me as a reader. I am very happy to see it finished and done!
  • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #1 – The preview for this during Event Leviathan was so much fun. I don’t know if we need a Jimmy Olsen book, but I am looking forward to reading it anyway!
  • Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #4
  • Bronze Age Boogie #4
  • Blossoms 666 #5 (Of 5)
  • Aquaman #50
  • Batman #75
  • Justice League #28
  • Nightwing #62
  • Teen Titans #32
  • Wonder Woman Come Back To Me #1 (Of 6)
  • Usagi Yojimbo #2
  • Assassin Nation #5
  • Excellence #3
  • Fairlady #4
  • Hit-Girl Season Two #6
  • Little Bird #5 (Of 5)
  • Infinity 8 #13
  • Captain Marvel #8
  • Daredevil #8
  • Domino Hotshots #5 (Of 5)
  • Immortal Hulk #21
  • Invaders #7
  • Loki #1
  • Punisher Annual #1
  • Secret Warps Ghost Panther Annual #1
  • Silver Surfer Black #2 (Of 5)
  • Spider-Man Life Story #5 (Of 6)
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #34
  • Superior Spider-Man #9
  • Unstoppable Wasp #10
  • X-Force #10
  • Life And Death Of Toyo Harada #5 (Of 6)