WWE Monday Night Raw 8/12/19 – AJ vs. Seth

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A recap of Summerslam showcases Seth’s win before he comes down and says that Brock is in fact a friggin’ Beast. He gets a Beast Slayer chant before AJ and the OC come out and AJ says that he wants to prove that he’s a better champion than Seth. The Street Profits talk about how great the PPV was before Sami tells them to enjoy things before it gets worse. Sami buries Joe, who is of course behind him and yells at him. Joe kicks his ass before we get a recap video of Roman’s many misfortunes.

Joe and his ridiculous hair choke Sami out before he cuts a promo on forgiving Roman, but not the fans for blaming him. Miz comes down before Dolph says he’s hurt and can’t face him – ruining our chance of seeing Miz vs. Dolph in their best of 1,000 series in the mid-card this decade. Dolph jumps him, so the ref makes the match and Dolph works in street clothes. Miz hits the it kicks and taps him with the figure four. Dolph talks smack and then eats a skull crushing finale. I like that jobbing and then eating more offense gets Dolph more over than anything he’s done since 2014.

Elias sings and then Ricochet faces him and manages to have a very slow-paced match. Ricochet takes a giant bump off of missing a somersault dive to the floor. Elias goes for the guitar, but a hook kick lands and a sunset flip off the top wins it, with Elias’ shoulder being up. Great – an Elias feud MUST continue! Rey and Andrade have another in their series of matches on the mid-card treadmill that gets no one over. Rey hits a few flashy moves, including a gorgeous over the top splash, but Andade grabs him off a frog splash and hits the hammerlock DDT to win.

Austin talks to Cole about being impressed by Seth last night and says he’s the best in the world in his mind and he can do whatever he sets his mind to. Charly talks to Rey about his failures and he says he’s never lost like this before, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He just wants to have a family to support because of course, he’s another wrestler that would be broke without the McMahons and the amazing gratitude of WWE. The Street Profits do more wacky comedy before Drew says his issues with Cedric end tonight.

Drew and Cedric have a really good match that could have been a better showcase for Cedric had be been properly pushed into this role. Instead, he’s just a guy getting some big matches in theory that gains no real momentum. He did take some great bumps for Drew here – including a belly to belly onto the ramp before doing a flip bujmp for the Claymore to win. AJ talks to The OC about loving when a plan comes together.

Robert Roode, back with a beard, destroys No Way Jose and wins with the glorious DDT. Heyman says that Brock will be given no rematches against Seth Rollins. Lince and Metalik face the Revival before the 24/7 guys come in before they hit a Hart Attack and co-hold the 24/7 Title. Kalisto hits an SDS and Truth gets it back by stealing the pin. Elias el kabongs him and wins it.

Nattie comes out and talks about The Anvil speaking to her and saying he was proud of her. Sasha returns and it is in fact BOSS TIME. Corey says she’s been busy pouting and then she takes off her purple hair to reveal bright blue hair. She attacks the left arm in a sling before Becky comes out and gets her ass kicked with a chair. The Viking Raiders cut a promo in a red room and then destroy jobbers. Nikki Cross thanks Lexi for making her a champion and letting her live her dream.

The Kabuki Warriors face Bliss and Nikki, with Asuka working as a powerhouse with Nikki for a bit. Asuka misses a high kick on the post and then Nikki hits the Twist and Shout before Alexa wins it with Twisted Bliss. Cole talks about the endorsement Austin gave to Seth before a plug for Austin’s show. Seth and AJ have the first third of a perfectly okay little match before The OC jumps Seth and they set up a super Clash. Braun comes down and tackles everyone before laying AJ out with the powerslam and giving Seth the Universal Title and yet another endorsement.