DC Comics Universe & Hawkman #15 Spoilers & Review: The Shade Vs. Shadow Thief & How Much Of This Issue Is A DC’s Year Of The Villain Tie-In?

DC Comics Universe and Hawkman #15 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Shade Vs. Shadow Thief and…

…How Much Of This Issue Is A DC’s Year Of The Villain Tie-In?

The dark gift Shadow Thief received made his powers real, not tech-based, and he stole Hawkman’s shadow making Hawkman reach out to the Shade popularized in the 1990s Starman lore.

The Shade doesn’t notice Hackman’s shadow was missing, because Carter Hall didn’t open with that, and when he notices he takes him…

…safe room with lots ‘o light, but…

…the Shadow Thief finds and interesting way to enter the fray and is unencumbered by the light of the safe room!

Hawkman tries to help the Shade, but…

…all he does is shattered the walls of the safe room…

…allowing the Shadow Thief to steal and leave with the Shade’s shadow?!

The Shade and Hawkman regroup in…

…the Shadowlands!

The Pulse:

A fan fave match-up between the Shade and Shadow Thief that has me hoping we’ll see Obsidian in this arc. Great art and amazing story. 9 out of 10. Why Obsidian? Well, check out the DC Encyclopedia and/or Who’s Who bios for these shadow maestros.

The Shade.

Shadow Thief.


Awesome possibilities.

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