Marvel Comics Universe & Absolute Carnage: Separation Anxiety #1 Spoilers & Review: Where Do The Life Foundation Symbiotes – Riot, Phage, Agony & Lasher – End Up?

Marvel Comics Universe and Absolute Carnage: Separation Anxiety #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Where Do The Life Foundation…

…Symbiotes – Riot, Phage, Agony and Lasher – End Up?

Well, as revealed through an earlier adventure with Deadpool four of the five Life Foundation symbiotes share a dog.

Through the issue they befriend a child and consume his dad as a host for one of them.

Then another symbiote consumes the mom.

Then the brother.

Finally, it appears the child that was befriended also is possessed.

Now the characters are where the writers need them to be for the core Absolute Carnage event series.

The back matter includes some insights, but also a name for a variant cover for Absolute Carnage #1 with new design for the Demogoblin (above) plus we get pointed (below) to the Absolute Carnage: Scream mini-series for the fifth member of the Life Foundation symbiotes.

The Pulse:

A true horror comic book. Entertaining. 8 out of 10.

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