DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #1010 Spoilers & Review: Batman & Deadshot As Gilligan & The Skipper? More Mr. & Mrs. Freeze In DC’s Year Of The Villain!

DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #1010 Spoilers and Review follows.

Batman and Deadshot As Gilligan and The Skipper?

More Mr. and Mrs. Freeze In DC’s Year Of The Villain!

The private plane Bruce Wayne, Lucius Fox, Deadshot and others were one crashed in the Pacific, but an unconscious Batman alter ego is taken away by two island dwellers.

At the same time, Deadshot is saving the rest of the plane’s passengers…

…from island predators; what is Floyd Lawton really up to?

Back to Bruce Wayne and the island dwellers; we learn they have stranded on the island since World War II and we get their backstory.

In modern day, the wounded black panther or jaguar that Deadshot shot to protect the pane’s passengers comes back to the trio; Bruce Wayne knows who shot Tanaka and asks his allies for gear.

A masked Bruce Wayne attacks Deadshot…

…but Deadshot gets the upperhand.

An interesting out-of-date pop culture reference to Gilligan’s Island there.

The book ends with more of Mr. Freeze working to…

…revive Mrs. Freeze.

The Pulse:

An ok story with one of my all-time fave characters in Deadshot. This story / arc almost feels like a stock fill-in story. The art is ok too. No wow to the issue. 5 out of 10.

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