Marvel Comics Universe & House Of X #5 Spoilers & Review: Professor X Charles Xavier Is X-Men Reboot’s Greatest Villain?!

Marvel Comics Universe and House Of X #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

Professor X Charles Xavier Is X-Men Reboot’s Greatest Villain?!

The book opens with arrival of The Five…

previously seen as five mediocre mutants, but who now work together to resurrect dead mutants. They are Goldballs (his powers create the gold “eggs”), Proteus (inseminates the gold eggs), Elixir (brings life to the gold eggs)…

…Tempus (can age whomever are in the gold eggs to any age) and Hope (who amplifies these four mutant’s powers).

This is a diabolical plan by Xavier!

So, this means that the bloodbath of the last two installments of Powers of X have been undone as all the dead X-Men return to life. They return due to the Five’s mutant powers, Mister Sinister’s DNA library and, this is most invasive, Professor Charles Xavier’s mental back-up from Cerebro of the brain and memories of these dead mutants?! Cerebro scans mutant brains every week and stores them; these memories then get implanted into regrown bodies of the X-Men in the golden eggs.

This is Professor Xavier and Magneto’s plan; to resurrect as many dead mutants as possible using the Five, Cerebro, Mister Sinister’s DNA Library and Krakoa itself.

The United Nations passes the controversial provision that essentially gives mutant diplomatic immunity across the globe. Emma Frost’s mind powers helped sway enough Ambassadors to get the vote result Xavier wanted.

The issue ends with every mutant villain arriving on Krakoa to join the X-Men. Krakoa seems especially pleased to be reunited with Apocalypse.

The Pulse:

An intriguing issue that helps makes this epic between its House of X and Powers of X installments make sense. Fantastic art. The story does seem convoluted and Professor X doesn’t seem like himself. 7.5 out of 10.

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