Marvel Comics Universe & Absolute Carnage: Avengers #1 Spoilers & Review: Can Another Event Tie-In Be Too Much?

Marvel Comics Universe and Absolute Carnage: Avengers #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Can Another Event Tie-In…

…Be Too Much?

Under the city, the Avengers battle the Carnage hordes.

Elsewhere, Hawkeye in his terrible modern day “costume”…

…has his own fight.

The Avengers appear to win their fight…

…but its an anti-climatic victory.

Hawkeye has his own success, but it seems the only purpose of this one-shot was…

…to lead into Venom #19 (whose current issues have been far superior than this one-shot).

The Pulse:

A seemingly pointless tie-in issue with art that was not to my liking. Pretty solid covers though. 3 out of 10.

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