WWE Raw 2/24/20 – Super Showdown Go-Home Show

Orton’s beating of Matt Hardy alongside the full show intro airs while they hype up THE WWE UNIVERSE HEARING FROM RANDY ORTON and the women’s chamber signing. Orton issues a fake apology before KO comes down. KO wants to know why he did what he did after seeing the joy in Edge’s eyes, but Orton asks if he knows him and he says he doesn’t. Orton says you’re on – but now now. Zelina says that once Garza takes out Humberto, he’ll be ready to take the top spot before he macks on Charly. Garza and Humberto have some crazy apron exchanges – including an apron superkick, pump kick, and handstand superkick on the floor! They talk about Zelina’s former client Andrade – so it seems like they’ve been broken up. Garza drops down on a victory roll and wins. This was a great little showcase for Garza – he should definitely take the US Title from Andrade.

Ricochet takes out Luke Gallows with his usual showcase offense before the Recoil and SSP end it. The OC is backstage before they insult Aleister Black as he walks past. They jump him after AJ runs down all the Os in The OC. Heyman hypes up Brock as the man who will take Ricochet out at Super Showdown before his run to WrestleMania. Brock will be the WWE Champion Then, Now, and Forever! Aleister Black faces Rowan again and beats him with two more Black Mass kicks. Drew cuts a backstage promo and says this is the culmination of what was promised to him before. He says taht 13 years ago, he was the Chosen One, but he never won them – and that’s his fault. He lost his passion for WWE and got fired. He said he had to come back to prove he wasn’t just the guy playing air guitar. He wanted to come back in NXT, where he could rebuild.

The gauntlet match for Super Showdown is rundown. A newly brunette Lana hypes up Lashley as he tears up R-Truth with the spear. Asuka steals the chamber contract signing skit saying she’s counting until 6 and only makes it until 5 in Japanese because Shayna isn’t out. Shayna comes out and intimidates everyone until they all brawl and she just chills before Becky Lynch comes out and they brawl. Bella Twins HOF video airs before Murphy is out to face Dawkins. Dawkins hits a big spinebuster, but Seth breaks it up for a DQ. This leads to Ford vs. Seth, with Ford hitting a gorgeous dive. Buckle bomb gets 2, but Ford gets a sunset bomb. Big frog splash misses, but the Stomp doesn’t and Seth wins. KO faces Orton in a short match with Seth helping distract Owens before the draping DDT gets the win off a fast count. KO beats the ref up after showing that he’s got a Seth shirt on and powerbombs him through a table mid-ring.

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