Mystery Science Theater 3000 Goes Live On Sunday Night

This Sunday, The Satellite of Love will go where it hasn’t gone before: Live Riffing from the homes of the various robots and mad scientists. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live Presents: The MST3K LIVE Riff-Along! promises to let you see a new experience and it’s free!!! Even Joel will be dropping by. Here’s the details from Shout! Factory so you can make sure you have enough guacamole in your house for the whole experience:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live Presents:
The MST3K LIVE Riff-Along!

Next Sunday AD Join Joel Hodgson and the cast of MST3K LIVE
For a Live At-Home MST3K Event!

On Sunday, May 3rd at 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT, join the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 LIVE as they bring a special at-home event to MSTies worldwide! Join Emergency Host Emily Crenshaw (Emily Marsh), Tom Servo (Conor McGiffin), Crow T. Robot (Nate Begle), and GPC (Yvonne Freese), as they perform live via videoconference a Riff-Along of Experiment 111: Moon Zero Two. The event features new additional riffs, with visits from Joel Hodgson, who will field questions and comments from the Riff-Along audience via social media. The two-hour event will also include a brand new riff of the short film Circus Day.

Mega-Synthia (Yvonne Freese), one of Pearl Forrester’s many clones, is also sequestered at home right now with her roommates in Minneapolis, but that doesn’t mean she has given up on the Forrester family experiment! For this experiment, Mega-Synthia isn’t just subjecting the cast to a cheesy movie: she’s subjecting them to a cheesy movie already encased in a classic MST3K episode! It’s a RIFF on a RIFF in the form of a live MST3K Riff-Along! “As the pundits have foretold,” cackles Mega-Synthia, “pop culture will indeed eat itself — and the feeding begins May 3rd!”

The Riff-Along will be streaming on MST3K Twitch channel, MST3K YouTube channel, MST3K Facebook page, and MST3K linear channels on Pluto TV, Stirr, Xumo, Redbox, and Vizio. Viewers can submit their questions for the cast and Joel to moderators via MST3K Facebook, MST3K YouTube and MST3K Twitch. MSTies worldwide are invited to chat along using the hashtags #MST3KLive and #RiffAlong.

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