Hasbro Introduces A Marvel Legends Sentinel HasLab Project

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Last week, Hasbro revealed their latest HasLab project, a 26 inch tall Marvel Legends Sentinel. The giant figure will include a tentacle for its hand, as well as a 6″ version of Bastion with a swappable Prime Sentinel head.

HasLab works similar to Kickstarter, where they need the customer base to buy into the project before they go into manufacturing. The goal was to get 6,000 backers at $350 a piece by August 24th, and over the weekend, they shattered that, with the current backer count at just over 9,000. They did introduce stretch goals up to the 9,000 backers, so also included in this will be an alternate Master Mold head, alternate Battle Damage Head & Hand, & a 6″ female Prime Sentinel figure. There is no announced plans for more tiered stretch goals, but with hitting 9k in less than 4 days, however in social media comments, Hasbro has hinted that they may add more depending on how far the backing goes. If you do back the project, you will be charged on August 24th, with the figure currently estimated to ship in Fall 2021.

This is a pricey piece for most collectors, but with about 6 weeks, to back the project, it looks like we can see this far surpass Hasbro’s expectations, and might mean more giant figures in the future. Head on over to HasbroPulse.com if you want to back the project.

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