WWE Raw 7/13/20 – Kabuki Warriors Face The Golden Role Models

The VIP Lounge starts us off with a recap of the Drew-Dolph stuff before Dolph recaps the feud some more and Drew yammers on for a bit. He says that he thought about Heath last week and did some soul-searching and talked about Dolph using everyone – including him, as his muscle when he came back. Drew calls Dolph ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED PERFORMERS EVER and then talks about the horror show at Extreme Rules and Drew promises to hurt and maim him. Drew’s crazy eyes were fantastic here and really made this work. Drew sucker-punches Dolph..so he’s kind of a dick.

Andrade, Angel, and Zelina are backstage and she puts her boys over and she says no woman compares to her. Angel says the great thing about an elimination match is that he, he means we, of course, can beat both opponents and not have to pick. Rowe lands a big exploder onto Garza before Andrade hits the shotgun knees and the hammerlock DDT gives the heels the edge. Hanson hits a big spinkick on Andrade takes him out before the kick gets 2 on Garza with Andrade putting his foot on the rope. Hanson goes for the corner seated senton, but Garza powerbombs him and cradles him to win.

Ruby chats about Liv before the IIconics insult her and point out that they beat her, and now they’re…GOING TO GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE according to Ruby. They say their tag match will be a handicap match due to her not having friends – and imaginary ones don’t count. She brings in Bianca Belair as the EST of WWE as if she’s completely new to Raw and hasn’t been seen before and they go over the EST gimmick. Bianca and Ruby win quickly after far too much in-ring time with Bilie Kay, who eats the KOD to end it after Ruby sent Peyton to the floor with a step-up enzuiguri. Truth congraulates Ricochet on being the MVP of Raw, and Ricochet says he’s facing Lashley WITH MVP. Truth asks Tozawa to teach him to become a black belt in five to 10 minutes before Tozawa summons his ninjas and Ricochet backs up Truth with a crane pose. And Raw is suffering from record-low ratings WHY?!

Truth challenges Tozawa for a title match before Shayna comes down and Shayna beats up the ninjas. She says she’s here to shatter illusions. Seth comes out and rambles about the eye for an eye match and Rey took it literally when all he wants to do is lead Raw to a brighter future. Owens comes out and recaps their feud and says that Rey wants to gouge Seth’s eyes out and KO himself was willing to end his own career to end Seth’s. Murphy faces Black in a short match due to Seth getting involved. Then we get Seth vs. KO and KO hates Seth so much he does a grounded surfboard to hurt his arms a bit. Owens gets the win off a stunner thanks to the Mysterios helping him. Rey says that Seth will go into the horror show with two eyes, but will walk out with one.

Flair and Show talk for a bit and Flair says that Show’s got a fight he can’t win. Ric tells him that his pride is making him want to keep working, but he can’t stack up with Randy Orton. He should go into the hall of fame healthy, and not with an injury. We get a punt recap before Orton talks about wanting another unsanctioned match because his match with Christian took him out. Truth comes out and Ric tells him that Orton’s going to come out and give him the RKO. He does just that and beats him in a match that fill time. Orton wants an unsanctioned match with Show on Raw next week. Cedric and Ricochet talk for a bit before MVP and Lashley talk about the Hurt Business being good.

Sarah talks about how Drew can prepare for a match without knowing the stipulation in advance. Lashley and Ricochet have flashes of greatness with quick matwork from both men leading to Lashley eating a nice basement kick and then eating a standing SSP. Ricochet goes for a handspring elbow, but gets caught in the full nelson and that’s it for him. Cedric kicks MVP down, but Lashley full nelsons him again and takes him out with a full nelson slam. Sasha is put over as a PPV main event in the cell and we get a recap of Sasha and Bayley’s dominance before the face the Kabuki Warriors. The heels work in peril for a bit and eat a spear from Kairi. Asuka gets put in an O’Conner roll, but shoves Sasha into an axe kick and the insane elbow gets 2 when Bayley pulls her out of the ring. Sasha locks Kairi in the crossface to end it rather abrumptly.

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