DC Comics Universe & Shazam #13 Spoilers & Review: Superboy-Prime Looms As Billy Batson’s Dad Is The Most Powerful Threat To The Shazam Family, The Magiclands & The Multiverse!


DC Comics Universe and Shazam #13 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superboy-Prime Looms…

…As Billy Batson’s Dad Is The Most Powerful Threat To…

…The Shazam Family, The Magiclands and The Multiverse!

The book opens with a interesting way for readers to get caught up on who the Shazam Family kids are as the hover over an unconscious Black Adam.

He’s been taken out by Billy Batson’s biological dad, who Billy gifted the powers of Shazam too, but…

…he’s being manipulated by Mr. Mind and may have been for quite some time.

Dr. Sivana then tells Billy Batson that his father was just a drifter and grifter and didn’t have Billy in his thoughts.

The Mr. Mind and Dr. Sivana team brought Billy’s dad into the Shazam Family orbit to get to this moment; they will free Billy and Shazam Family’s foster parents if…

…he helps Mr. Mind become the most powerful being in the seven realms of the Magiclands.

The Book of Champions and summoned and…

…Billy Batson reads a spell collapsing the walls separating the seven realms – and we see Superboy-Prime free from the Monsterlands – as…

…Mr. Mind inside Billy’s all-powerful dad marvels at the chaos.

The book ends with Billy Batson saying another spell and disappearing.

Mr. Mind believes he’s fled like a coward, but he’s actually shrunken down to Mr. Mind’s size for a battle for his dad’s mind INSIDE his dad!

The next two issues are the last for the series. Shazam #14 hits stands on August 25, 2020.

Shazam #15 is in stores on September 22, 2020.

The Pulse:

A delayed continuation of the storyline, but it was worth the wait on story and art. Looking forward to Superboy-Prime being in an x-factor in the last two issues. 8 out of 10.

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