DC Comics Universe & Superman #24 Spoilers & Review: Superman Gets A MAJOR Magical Upgrade?!

DC Comics Universe and Superman #24 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superman Gets A…

…MAJOR Magical Upgrade?!

Superman and Doctor Fate aka Khalid Nassour are up against Xanadoth who claims to be the first possessor of the helm of fate; he is also a Lord of Chaos vs. Fate’s Lord of Order status.

Xanadoth can even control the Doctor Fate helmet, but Superman intervenes.

We see DEO agent Veronica Bissette struggle with being possessed by Xanadoth…

…we also get more on her backstory.

The book ends with Superman becoming Doctor Fate at Khalid’s request.

Bissette is freed from Xanadoth grasp or so we thought.

The Pulse:

Interesting teased connection between Xanadoth and Xanadu by Madame Xanadu in the issue when Bissette’s body is found in Justice League’s Hall of Justice. Solid dart and compelling story. 8 out of 10.

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