DC Comics Universe & Legion Of Super-Heroes #8 Spoilers & Review: On The Eve Of The Trial Of The LOSH, Mon-El’s Connection To Superboy Revealed In MAJOR Retcon!

DC Comics Universe and Legion Of Super-Heroes #8 Spoilers and Review follows.

On The Eve Of The Trial Of The LOSH…

…Mon-El’s Connection To Superboy Revealed In MAJOR Retcon!

Diverse group of artists on this issue (and next).

We open with Jon Kent Superboy explaining what’s happened over the last several issues.

We then pivot to some LOSH history archives before we get back to the current timeline and the attack on the LOSH by Ultra Boy’s dad the leader of the Planet Rimbor; we wants the LOSH on trial for their actions against him.

A battle ensues including…

…Mon-El vs. Ultra Boy’s dad with Superboy making a save to a disgruntled Mon-El.

Cosmic Boy grapples with not being elected the leader of the LOSH, Ultra Boy was, but despite that he’s ready to help the team who is under siege.

Ferro Boy seems to try a unique way of ending the fight.

Phantom Girl and Mon-El break-up before…

…we find out Mon-El is from New Krypton and a descendent of Jon Kent Superboy?! Not from Daxam? Or something else? Wha…?!

The Pulse:

An interesting issue. The different artists is cool on one hand, but the diverse styles make page and scene transitions in some spots jarring or choppy. That last page has me intrigued. 5 out of 10.

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