Marvel Comics Universe & Wolverine #5 Spoilers & Review: NOT Branded As Path To X Of Swords, Like Other Dawn Of X X-Men Books, But Is It Anyway?

Marvel Comics Universe and Wolverine #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

NOT Branded As Path To X Of Swords, Like Other Dawn Of X X-Men Books…

…But Is It Anyway?

We get a concise dramatis personae and storyline catch-up page early in the issue.

Omega Red captured Wolverine for Dracula’s Vampire Nation and…


…they see the virtually immortal Wolverine as akin of sorts and feast on his blood.

Later while the vampires captors are away on a mission, and Dracula headed home, a group of rebel Vampires steal Wolverine who…

…finally frees himself from the block of ice he was encased in from the lake last issue.

We get a taste of the vampire mission as they are in the U.S., having concerted humans to vampires along the way, and…

…send them on a feeding a frenzy in the heart of the city.

Wolverine finds out these young vampires are self-loathing and eat animals as opposed to humans…

…so together they figure out where the OG vampire captors will return to and confront them.

The young vampires do not fare all that well but some of the captors are also beheaded as…

…a seething Wolverine prepares to hunt down Omega Red as X of Swords looms.

The Pulse:

Unlike many of the other X-books whose next offering is part of X of Swords, Wolverine doesn’t have the “Path to X of Swords” branding. However, it is like those other books anyway because NONE of the c-books with that branding have anything to do with X of Swords. So, I could enjoy this issue more of Wolverine which was the most engaging one of thise Dracula / Omega Red arc. Solid art and compelling story. Dark. 8 out of 10.

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