WWE Raw 9/21/20 – Retribution In-Ring Debut

Retribution messes up the Then, Now, Forever bit again as Mia Yim is mid-ring not named in a terrible-looking masks. She complains about being stepped up for an imaginary brass ring and a bald guy says they’ll drain the company of their lifeblood – the WWE Superstars. Thank God he didn’t say wrestlers and then says they’re all whores. The Hurt Business comes out to stand up for WWE and fights them – so they’re faces, right? King is replacing Joe this week and he talks about how did they get contracts. Sarah chats with The Mysterio Family and she asks how excited he is to see his son get a Championship Opportunity. Dom and Humberto get a shot IF they can beat Andrade and Garza or Seth and Murphy for a Raw Tag title shot on Clash of Champions.

Murphy hits a great V Trigger on Andrade before Seth leaves him high and dry. The Wing Clipper hits Murphy and ends it. Braun vs. Dabba-Kato is hyped up and Shane is on the KO Show later. Retribution cuts a promo on the Hurt Business and Shane brings out Dabba-Kato on the show and then Braun comes out to a remixed theme. Aleister Black crotches KO on the post. Drew chats with Charly about his fractured jaw and his fractured friendship with Keith Lee and he says that’s just business. Retribution jumps him and says they’re the judges, juries, and exocutioners. Byron says that they’re under contracts and they can do whatever they want. Retribution faces The Hurt Business in the main event.

Keith Lee is out to face Drew, who gets a sword slash before his theme now. They have a solid start to a good match before Orton hits Drew with a chair to the back and grinds it into the broken jaw and he punts Keith Lee. He cuts a promo in front of the ambulance about drifting in and out when he was taken out and the rambles on for a while about making sure Drew’s World Title reign flatlines due to the RKO. Asuka is interviewed about who she thinks is a bigger threat – Vega or Mickie and then Billie cuts an annoying promo about being too easy to face and then Peyton says she wants a shot. Then Asuka asks if they’re friends and Billie says they are and Peyton challenges her.

Zelina faces Mickie and beats her after a neck snap on the rope and a backstabber. She’ll face Asuka at the PPV pre-show for the title. The Hurt Business and Retribution brawls backstage. A Bianca Belair hype video airs before Tozawa and his ninjas try to win the 24/7 Title in the ocean. He warns Little Jimmy about playing with sharks. Cedric is out with his…decidedly babyface theme and cuts a promo with MVP about not being scared about Retribution and getting even with Apollo for using him. Cedric dives on him and then Crews gets a schoolboy cradle win and Lashley beats up Apollo’s buddies. In Raw Underground, Aruturo Ruas beats up Dolph before he gets the RNC.

Briana Brandy talks to Braun and Braun says he’ll take out Dabba-Kato. Seth cuts a long, rambling promo about the Mysterios before they come out. He has DNA tests and Rey is NOT the father. But it isn’t Dom who isn’t his son – maybe Aaliyah isn’t his daughter. Aaliyah is shown last week caring for Murphy. She leaves and Seth says he certainly didn’t come out here to hurt Rey. Shayna and Nia take out Nattie and Lana and Lana is KOed with the knee and taps to the RNC. Backstage, Rey chats with Aaliyah and she says that both Rey and Dom got hurt and she’s just a naive 19 year old, right?

Erik and Riddick go at it and Erik gets KOed after a right hook. Asuka faces Peyton and gets a quick cradle for 2. Gori crusher gets 2 for Peyton. Zelina attacks Asuka for the DQ and we get to see Aaliyah backstage looking sad. Braun beats up Dabba-Kato with sloppy ground and pound. Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace represent Retribution and they…abide by regulation tag rules here. A brawl breaks out and the show just ends with a brawl with Drew trying to save with the roster for a giant locker room-clearing brawl.

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