DC Comics & Batman: Urban Legends #2 Spoilers & Review: How Batgirl / Oracle Got Her Groove Back & How The Outsiders Lost Theirs?!


DC Comics and Batman: Urban Legends #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Batgirl / Oracle Got Her Groove Back and…

…How The Outsiders Lost Theirs?!

This piece will cover two of the stories in this issue focusing in Oracle and the Outsiders; my first piece looked at the Red Hood and Grifter stories (full spoilers here).

The book opens with a table of contents and creators’ credits page.

The book ends with a continuation of that.

In the Oracle story she is battling a new rival…

…who is formidable on the hacking side, but not as skilled as Oracle.

The villain is Vi Ross and has a been active in stealth for some time.

She causes Oracle to breakout a new costume of sorts.

The book ends with a real world confrontation between the two…

…where Vi Ross ends up in handcuffs.

The Outsiders story focuses on Katana, but opens with Black Lightning and Metamorpho.

Turns out, Katana’s mother-in-law is unhappy with her deceased husband no longer being in Katana’s soultaker sword.

Mom-in-law thinks its because Katana has feelings for Black Lightning…

…who is in a bit of a pickle with Metamorpho to the end the story.

The Pulse:

Two fun stories with surprising depth. Decent art. Entertaining. 7 out of 10.

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