DC Comics & Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom #1 Spoilers & Review: A Look To The Stars & A Look At Being Present-Day Black Super-Hero!


DC Comics and Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Look To The Stars and… 

…A Look At Being Present-Day Black Super-Hero!

We open with Shilo Norman, the third Mister Miracle behind Thaddeus Brown and Scott Free, facilitating an ornate escape act for an adoring audience in the social media age.

However, Shilo Norman has economic challenges as the Mister Miracle brand is dipping in a few key demos.

Norman’s manager’s solution is to either have Mister Miracle do more super-heroics or unmask.

Norman does not want to unmask and the manager believes its because he doesn’t want the world to know he’s African American.

At the same time, Mister Miracle’s social media interactions are getting mixed with #removethemask trending and Miracle’s manager denying he’s behind it.

We also see that the original Mister Miracle Thaddeus Brown has been rebooted as a black man which makes the present day hero’s perspective on how his unmasking in 1969 went vs. how race relations in 2021 United States…

…doesn’t feel much different than 1969 some days.

Also, it appears Shilo Norman’s bank is foreclosing on his condo as his mortgage underwriters are embroiled in a fraud investigation.

The book ends with that same condo defaced and destroyed as…

…the alleged son of Scott Free and Big Barda, N’Vir Free, wants to take on his dad’s Mister Miracle mantle from Shilo Norman.

The Pulse:

Wasn’t sure what to expect with this series, but I was pleasantly surprised by its modern-day relevance and resonance on race relations. Mixed in with super-heroics and an intriguing fore, I will back for the next issue. Decent art, but it felt inconsistent art times. 7.5 out of 10.

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