Expert Tips For Choosing Your First Bass Guitar

Choosing the first bass guitar can be a daunting task. There are so many different choices out there, and choosing one is tough! In this article, you will learn some tips on choosing your first bass guitar to help make choosing easier.

Look For Cheaper Ones Designed For Beginners 

Since you’re only beginning, don’t overdo it on the price of the first bass guitar you purchase. You can find a fine instrument for under $300, which will be better than choosing something subpar that costs more money but doesn’t sound as good or play as well. To help you, you can click here to check bass guitars for beginners and see what your options are. You won’t damage your wallet while still getting an instrument of good quality. 

It’s a common mistake for beginners that think that the price determines the quality of the instrument, but that’s not always true. You can easily find a great bass guitar at low prices and choosing something expensive is just wasting your money if you’re still learning how to play it.

Think About What Genre Of Music You Play

The style and genre of music is a key factor when choosing your first bass guitar. If you are choosing a bass guitar to play in the context of punk or metal, then an extremely heavy sound is necessary for those genres. In contrast, if you would like to be playing jazz or folk music on the bass guitar, then choosing a softer-sounding instrument that brings out more melodic qualities will suit this genre better.

Here’s what bass guitars go well with certain genres:

  • metal: Ampeg, B.C Rich and Ibanez 
  • punk: Fender, Squier and Epiphone 
  • folk: Fender and Squier
  • jazz: Fender and Fodera
  • rock’n’roll: Fender and Fodera 
  • latino: Yamaha, Epiphone and Ibanez

Consider The Size And Weight Of The Instrument 

You need to consider your own size, and then determine how large and heavy of an instrument will fit you best. The weight of the bass guitar is another important consideration, especially if you are choosing to play your new instrument while standing up instead of sitting down. 

If you plan on playing for extended periods of time or performing live shows, then choosing a lighter-weight model may be better suited for your needs. This doesn’t mean that more compact instruments are always better options though, as some players prefer full-size models so they can get a really rich tone from their bass guitars without sacrificing comfortability after long hours of practice and performance.

Evaluate Sound Quality

No matter the price, genre, and size, your bass must sound good! Make sure you play the bass through an amp or PA system to get a better idea of how it sounds. If possible, bring along your favorite CDs and other accessories that are important to you when choosing a bass guitar.

What is the tone quality like? Is there too much high-end “shrillness” or low-end muddiness? The sound should be balanced across all frequencies with no extreme highs or lows. You want your instrument to compliment your style, not compete with it for attention!

It’s always fun to start playing a new instrument, but you need to know how to choose one. Make sure it’s not too pricey since you’re a beginner and consider the genre you’ll be playing. Also, make sure it’s not too big or small for you and evaluate the sound quality before the purchase. Do all these and you’re ready to slam down some groovy tunes!