Marvel Comics & Amazing Spider-Man #80 Spoilers & Review: No Peter Parker, But We Get A Drugged Ben Reilly With Miles Morales On Deck?!

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Marvel Comics and Amazing Spider-Man #80 Spoilers and Review follows.

No Peter Parker, But We Get A Drugged Ben Reilly With Miles Morales On Deck?!

The book has a few variant covers below in addition to the main cover above.

We open with a creators credits and storyline catch-up page.

Kraven the Hunter has drugged the Beyond Corporation’s Amazing Spider-Man Ben Reilly…

…who is grasping with his identity as a Peter Parker clone under the influence of those drugs.

He falls to the street, literally, and Kraven tells him there is more to come for him.

Ben wakes up among other animal people, who may or may not be hallucinations, and blindly takes their offered meds to counteract Kraven’s drugs.

Ben finds out he’s on some kind of sea base as…

…the drugs wear off and Kraven snatches an explosion from the jaws of defeat.

The book ends with Beyond Corp’s Maxine Danger…

…targeting Miles Morales with a cease and desist over his continued use of the name Spider-Man; a name Beyond now owns.

The book ends with an epilogue with Doctor Octopus attempting to rekindle his female with May Parker.

The Pulse:

I like Ben Reilly being back, but this arc is starting to slow down for me action wise and creatively. Decent art though. 5 out of 10.

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