Pull List Roundtable 5/7/22 – Free Comic Book Day 2022 (FCBD 2022) Edition – Dark Crisis #0, Stranger Things / Resident Alien, Avengers / X-Men #1, Doctor Who, Spider-Man / Venom #1 & More!

Here is the full rundown of FCBD 2022 titles plus what DC Comics was offering in parallel. 

James Fulton

I feel like FCBD has been disappointing year over year for a while now. The “Big” publishers give us half-story teasers for events that don’t really rely on the FCBD book to tell their story. There can be some good finds in the smaller press, but increasingly they just give teasers too.

That said, these are the books I’m likely to hunt for:

  • Stranger Things / Resident Alien (I already miss Resident Alien)
  • The Bone Orchard Mythos: Prelude One-Shot
  • Marvel Voices #1 (I’ve not checked out anything with that name yet)
  • Avengers / X-Men #1
  • Dark Crisis #0 (how many preludes does one event need?)
  • The Winchester Mystery House: The Hundred Year Curse (I like the cover)

John Babos

A few FCBD 2022 titles caught my eye.

  • Dark Crisis #0 (DC Comics)
  • Avengers/ X-Men #1 (Marvel)
  • Spider-Man/ Venom #1 (Marvel)
  • Marvel Voices #1 (Marvel)
  • The Year of Valiant 2022 FCBD Special (Valiant)
  • Doctor Who (Titan)

Which FCBD 2022 offerings did you snag?


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