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Wednesday Comments – The Trouble With Batman's Ex-Robin Tim Drake

For my money Tim Drake was one of the biggest casualties of The New 52 and I’m hardly the biggest Tim Drake fan. »»

Age of Ultron Maintains High Standards Of MCU Films – A Review

More of the same from Joss Whedon and the Avengers team is fine by me. »»

Why You Should Be Reading... Image Comics' GraveYard Shift...

Welcome back everyone for another week of Why You Should Be Reading... »»

2015 Secret Wars #2 Spoilers & Review: Marvel Comics Is Forever Changed

This isn't your parents' Marvel multiverse. »»

Captain America: Civil War Begins Production, Adds More Superheroes To Cast

With all the characters announced for CA:CW, it might as well be another Avengers movie. »»

Screen Themes: Fox's Gotham vs. Netflix's Daredevil

On the Origin of Superheroes on the small screen as John Turnbull checks out Season 1 of DC’s Gotham and Marvel’s Daredevil. »»

Wednesday Comments – Comics As A Habit

I’ve been reading comics for almost as long as I can remember. But I’ve never been closer to giving up on comics. »»

Why You Should Be Reading... Image Comics' B*T*H Planet

Why You Should Be Reading... Image Comics' B*T*H Planet. »»

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