• Avengers Now Review: Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman

    It's a whole new era of Thor...Unworthy!

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  • Avengers Now Spoilers & Review: Captain America #25 by Rick Remender & Stuart Immonen Leads Into Marvel Comics' All-New Black Captain America #1!

    The end of the beginning.

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  • Wednesday Comments – Close To Getting Dropped

    I’ve got a decent sized pull list. Actually it’s probably too big. I’m positive that I get too many comics. But they make me happy and I enjoy reading them. That said, there are some books that are teetering close to getting dropped. S

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  • Marvel Comics Weekly Event Review & Spoilers: Death of Wolverine #3 by Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten & Justin Ponsor With 3 Covers Including Variants!

    The death march continues...

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    Avengers Now Review: Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman

    It's a whole new era of Thor...Unworthy! »»

    Wednesday Comments – Close To Getting Dropped

    I’ve got a decent sized pull list. Actually it’s probably too big. I’m positive that I get too many comics. But they make me happy and I enjoy reading them. That said, there are some books that are teetering close to getting dropped. S »»

    The Gold Standard: Marvel’s Diversity NOW! Initiative

    I miss Spider-Girl. I know, I know, as infrequently as I seem to show up to expel my sage words of comic wisdom, that never seems to be forgotten. I loved that book, and I miss it every day. I miss the idea of a Marvel canon that actually »»

    The Weekly Round-Up #251

    Best Comic of the Week: Outcast #4 - Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta are really firing on all cylinders with this title.  It’s not the thrill-a-minute ride we usually expect from Kirkman’s writing, but is instead a well-paced, methodical explor »»

    Review: Booster Gold Future’s End #1 by Dan Jurgens and his Boosterrific Friends

    Booster Gold is back! But which Booster is he? And where is he? »»

    The Weekly Round-Up #250

    This is my 250th week of writing this column for Inside Pulse!  To celebrate, I was going to wrap the column in a nice shiny 3D cover, and charge you all an extra dollar to read it, but I can't figure out how to do that over the Internet, so instead »»

    Wednesday Comments – My Thoughts on Gotham

    So, the latest tv program based on a comic book property debuted on Monday. Gotham had a huge push from it’s inception. There was a bidding war for the pilot, which Fox won by offering a series commitment. Also, it’s show centered on Batman m »»

    Review & Spoilers: Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (of 5) by Dustin Weaver

    Which Spider-Man do we meet this week? »»

    Review: Daredevil (vol. 4) #8 by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee

    Like Batman, Purple Man has left his DNA all over town... »»

    Two Guys Talking Comics: X-Men, Spider-Verse, and Skitch joins the crew!

    Spider-Man, the X-Men, Multiversity...how you doin? »»

    Review: All-New X-Men #32 by Brian Bendis and Mahmud Asrar

    The Ultimate crossover that nobody demanded is here! »»

    The Weekly Round-Up #249

    This was a pretty strange, independent kind of week, where even the comics I bought from the Big Two had more of an indie vibe about them.  I like weeks like that. I had a thought this week about the DC Futures End event, and how it pertains to s »»

    Wednesday Comments – Five Other Vertigo Books That Should Be Shows

    So, by now everyone should be aware that a television series based on the Vertigo title Lucifer is in development at Fox. It joins other DC properties Preacher, DMZ, Supergirl and Titans in development, with Gotham, Constantine and The Flash ready t »»

    DC Collectibles Reveals New Figures From Arrow & The Flash TV Shows

    DC Collectibles revealed their April 2015 solicitations, and on it were the following figures from DC's TV shows! ARROW AND DEATHSTROKE ACTION FIGURES Reenact the action-packed battles between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson from Season Two »»

    AMC's The Walking Dead Series 7 Action Figures By McFarlane Revealed

    New images of The Walking Dead Series 7 hit the internet last week. »»

    Doctor Who First Impressions Review & Spoilers: Season 8 – Episode 4 – “Listen”

    Hush little baby, don't say a word / And never mind that noise you heard / It's just the beast under your bed / In your closet, in your head »»

    Review: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2 by Al Ewing and Simon Fraser

    The Doctor and his new companion vs Disney World! »»

    Funko POP! Vinyl Batman: Arkham Asylum Figures Revealed

    Funko's Facebook Fan Page has revealed a whole shlew of new Funko POP! Vinyl figures. The first being Batman: Arkham Asylum. -Batman -Harley Quinn -The Joker -Killer Croc -Poison »»

    Wednesday Comments - The Curse of September With DC Comics' The New 52 Futures End & More

    It’s September so you know what that means; DC Comics has special issues of all of their regular monthly titles. »»

    CW's The Flash Review & Spoilers: Flash Season Zero #1 by Andrew Kreisberg, Brooke Eikmeier, Katherine Walczak & Phil Hester

    Flash debuts on TV on October 7th, but DC is giving us the tie-in comic a little early. »»

    Futures End Review: Earth 2 Future’s End #1

    Five years later an Earth 2 book is about an Earth 1 character that doesn't resemble the version appearing in the weekly Future's End book. This will not be fun. »»

    Review: Original Sin #8 by Jason Aaron & Mike Deodato

    Original Sin comes to an end...just in time for Marvel's next several events... »»

    Review: Justice League #33 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

    The League takes on the Doom Patrol; winner gets Power Ring. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: Stephen Amell Reveals What He Would Like To See Oliver Queen Do In Season 3

    At a recent Fan Expo Canada panel session, Stephen Amell revealed where he would like to see his character go in Season 3. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: Who Will Play Ra's al Ghul? Show Snags Aussie Actor For Coveted Part

    Matt Nable has nabbed one of the most-sought after roles in TV. »»

    Breaking News: AMC Greenlights The Walking Dead Spin-Off Pilot

    We will get to see more of the dead. »»

    Arrow & The Flash Creator Greg Berlanti Reportedly Working On Supergirl TV Series

    It's pretty clear TV is just evolving into a playground for live-action comics. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: Stephen Amell Confirms That Arrow's Third Season Is "The Hong Kong Chapter," Entire Flashback Episodes Planned

    While we will see Oliver Queen back on the island in Arrow's third season, the show is ready to take on a completely different look in its next season. »»

    Doctor Who Review & Spoilers: Season 8 – Episode 2 – “Into the Dalek”

    The Doctor goes into the heart of darkness...literally. »»

    Wednesday Comments – More Comic Book Pilots

    Pilot season continues... »»

    The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Baby For Howard & Bernadette? Amy Not Happy With Leonard Rescuing Sheldon

    The highly-anticipated eighth season of The Big Bang Theory will revisit the age-old conundrum of trying to appease two people at the same time. »»

    Amazon Poised To Bring The Tick Back

    After FOX cancelled their remake of The Tick in 2001, no one really expected to hear from it again. »»

    Arrow's Stephen Amell Recounts Landing First Major Role On Private Practice & Tells Funny Story About Meeting Shonda Rhimes

    Prior to being one of the most recognizable faces on TV today, Stephen Amell was just looking for his first big break on TV. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: The CW Gets Set For Justice League Reunion? Stephen Amell Talks About Cousin Robbie Amell Becoming Firestorm

    With Arrow continuing to add characters from the DC universe, fans have started to speculate that the elements are in place for a Justice League reunion. »»

    The Walking Dead Spoilers: Norman Reedus Discusses Daryl's Relationship With Beth

    At Fan Expo Canada, The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus opened up about his relationship with Beth and if it will lead to anything in the next season. »»

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