Box Office: Exodus Underwhelms In #1 Debut; The Hobbit With $117 Million Overseas

How much did Ridley Scott's $100+ million epic make its opening weekend? »»

Box Office: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Tops Again Thanks To A Lack Of Competition

No major releases helps The Hunger Games stay number one. »»

Box Office: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Has $56 Million Feast Over Thanksgiving Holidays

The Hunger Games repeats with ease and The Imitation Game has a monster opening in limited release. »»

Box Office: Stupidity Wins Out As Dumb & Dumber To Narrowly Takes #1 With $38 Million

Plus, Oscar hopeful Foxcatcher opens in limited release with a monster per-screen average. »»

Box Office: Kids Have Final Say As Big Hero 6 Bests Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

A pair of $50 million openings helps boost a sagging box office. »»

Box Office: Nightcrawler Narrowly Takes The Weekend With $10.9 Million

Nightcrawler wins and Guardians of the Galaxy hits a new milestone to add to its box office legacy. »»

Box Office: Ouija Delivers Cheap Horror Thrills, Takes Weekend With $20 Million

Plus, Keanu Reeves' comeback John Wick nets a decent opening showing that viewers still like hard-R revenge-fueled violence. »»

Box Office: Gone Girl Drives A Stake In Dracula Untold, Claims #1 Again With $26.8 Million

Gone Girl has impressive second weekend hold; on pace to make more than $300 million worldwide. »»

Box Office: Gone Girl Narrowly Edges Out Annabelle With $38 Million

David Fincher nets his best opening as a director for a film that will have couples talking. »»

Box Office: Denzel Washington's The Equalizer Caps Off September With $35 Million Opening

Denzel Washington is about as reliable as it comes when it comes to being a box office draw. »»

Idris Elba And Taraji P. Henson's No Good Deed Rewarded With $24.5 Million As Box Office Victor

Screen Gems pulls No Good Deed for critics helping to prove the adage that critics don't matter. »»

Box Office: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell-Shocks Competition With $65 Million Opening

Plus, Boyhood expands to net strong returns and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy holds strong in its second weekend. »»

Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Boost Sagging 2014 Summer Box Office

With the summer waning, pundits hope Marvel pic outperforms The 2014 summer box office is down roughly 20% from 2013's record-breaking highs and year-to-date overall ticket sales are off more than 6%. August doesn't have a ton of heavy hit »»

Box Office: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Withstands The Purge And A Nasty Sex Tape To Retain #1 Position With $36 Million

Plus the critically acclaimed Boyhood sees expansion and nets a very strong per-screen average. »»

Box Office: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Swings To $73 Million Weekend

Plus Transformers: Age of Extinction rockets past $750 million in three weeks. »»

Box Office: Transformers: Age Of Extinction Opens To $301 Million Worldwide

Audiences dismiss critics to give Transformers a monster opening. »»

Box Office: Think Like A Man Too's $30 Million Opening Rules Weekend

A pair of Sony Pictures sequels own the weekend, while Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys fails to hit a high note. »»

Box Office: 22 Jump Street Registers Second-Highest Opening For R-Rated Comedy

With an impressive $60 million opening, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are well on their way to having two hits in the calendar year. »»

Box Office: Girl Power! Women-led Features Dominate With The Fault In Our Stars Taking #1, Maleficent #2

Plus Emily Blunt shows she's game to play the role of heroine in Edge of Tomorrow. »»

Box Office: Maleficent Earns Angelina Jolie Her Biggest Opening Ever With $70 Million Weekend

Hollywood is not a place for women. Well, that’s what the overall sentiment feels like. From the lack of female directors to actresses not getting work after a certain age... »»

Box Office: X-Men: Days Of Future Past Hits The Reset Button And Nets $90 Million During Memorial Day Weekend

Despite strong critical reviews, latest X-Men sequel is second when it comes to all-time X-Men openings. »»

Box Office: Godzilla Reigns Supreme With Biggest Opening Of 2014

King of the Monsters is now King of the Box Office. »»

Box Office: Neighbors Gets Rowdy, Easily Tops The Amazing Spider-Man 2 For Weekend's #1

Seth Rogen nets his biggest opening as a top-bill star. »»

Box Office: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Webslings Its Way To The Top With $92 Million Opening

The summer blockbuster season gets off to an "amazing" start. »»

Box Office: The Other Woman Wins Dismal Weekend; Heaven Shows That It's Still For Real

And what of Paul Walker's last starring vehicle, Brick Mansions? »»

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