DVD Review: James A. Michener's Texas

Bucks tradition, arriving at a time when the "Big 4" networks weren't high on airing miniseries. »»

Snoop Dogg Arrested For Possession Of Weed

Here's a shocking development:  Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas for possession of medical marijuana.  Although he has a prescription for it in California, that bird don't hunt in Texas.  If convicted, he faces 180 days in jail, fo shizzle. »»

Boxing Gym - Review

What can a tiny gym in Texas teach us about sociology? »»

The Big Orange Guy's Top 5 - Top 5 Long Baseball Games

As Wimbledon started, we witnessed a one in a lifetime event. I am assuming you have all heard by now about the match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. The eleven hour, three day match by these two players will be remembered for many years to c »»

Blood on the Highway - DVD Review

This is the kind of movie that you almost feel ashamed of liking, mainly because it’s so incredibly stupid and crude. »»

NCAA Roundtable: Thoughts on the Conference Re-Shuffling

With all of the changes that have or will be coming to the NCAA, a few of the writers have their own opinions on what will happen... Daniels: I don't follow college football much, but it seems like 4 super conferences on the way to a 4-team playoff »»

NCAA News: Big 12 Pushing To Keep Conference Intact

Texas and Texas Tech both are scheduled to discuss conference alignment on Tuesday with Oklahoma discussing it Wednesday. »»

One Mizzou Fan's Opinion

With all of the talk of re-alignment, I wanted to write about this from a fan's perspective. I didn't go to Mizzou, but my small Division III college was less than 30 minutes away. I had numerous friends from Columbia and lived in the state of Miss »»

NCAA Re-Alignment Starts: Colorado Joins Pac-10

With all of the talk of NCAA re-alignment, nothing had actually happened...until now. The Sporting News is reporting that the University of Colorado is set to announce this afternoon that they have officially accepted a bit to join the Pac-10 Confer »»

The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After - DVD Review

The most complete picture of what happened right after the assassination. »»

Wild Weekends: One Coronation Takes Place, Another Begins

The completion of the BCS and the college football season saw the nation get cheated out of the title game they expected with Colt McCoy succumbing to the cruelest of fates having to leave the game after a shoulder hit on Texas' first possession and would not return. Amidst the Mountain West's great bowl season, Boise St. became the “small conference” representative by completing another undefeated season with a close, defensive Fiesta Bowl win over TCU (a game that went much like last year's except change the setting and winner) »»

Kick-Ass to premiere at SXSW Film Festival!

This announcement is, um, well, kick ass! »»

Wild Weekends: Thanksgiving Weekend

As a whole, it was a more eventful Thanksgiving weekend than has been the case in recent years without being a Thanksgiving weekend that burnt down the football world, a few of which we've seen in this decade. »»

Man vs. Food - Episode 2-1 Review

In this episode, Adam travels to Amarillo, Texas to take on the Big Texan Steak Ranch's 72 oz. steak challenge. The Big Texan is located at 7701 E Interstate 40 in Amarillo. The 72 oz steak is sort of an American eating legend. Everyone knows that this kind of food for free challenge exists, but I don't think that many people know where it originated. »»

Should I or Shouldn't I

There's been a lot of college QB's debating whether or not to go to the NFL or stay in college for another year. Most of them have already made up their decision, and I'm here to tell them if they made the right move or not. »»

Hawk Talk 10-30-08

Football Football Thursday. »»

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