The Flash Spoilers: Awkward Double Dinner Date Ahead Where Barry Plays The Fifth Wheel

It seems like Arrow's Felicity is headed back to Central City. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Metahuman Answers To Be Revealed

We have some news for fans of The Flash. »»

New Arrow/Flash Spin-Off Adds Dominic Purcell, Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh

If you liked these characters on Arrow and The Flash, get ready to see a lot more of them... »»

Pre-Toy Fair 2015: DC Collectibles Action Figures Based on Arrow & The Flash

First look at Diggle & Felicity Smoak! »»

The Flash Spoilers: EP Reveals When Dr. Wells Will Out Himself As A Villain & Comments On Barry's New Love Interest

If you have been frustrated by the slow burn of Harrison Wells outing himself as a villain, you won't have to wait much longer. »»

The Flash News: Grant Gustin Star Comments On New Love Interest For Barry & Time Travel Spoilers

Great way to prepare for the return of The Flash tonight... »»

The Flash News: Peyton List To Play The Golden Glider

New character set to debut in 2015 »»

Best of 2014 Awards – Best DC Comics

Mike Maillaro Grayson - I love a good spy story.  Velvet has been a great read over at Image, so when I heard DC was going to put out a spy series starring Dick Grayson, I definitely had to check it out.  This has been a very fun series »»

The Flash Spoilers: Gideon Is The Black Canary?!

Well this is interesting. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Captain Boomerang From The Flash Will Play Key Role In Crossover Episode

For fans wondering about how next month's Arrow/The Flash crossover episode will work, it will apparently involve Captain Boomerang. »»

The Flash Spoilers: More Hidden Powers Ahead For Barry

We have seen Barry Allen chase criminals down, run to the top of buildings and on water and change his voice. The funny thing is, there's a lot more to come. »»

The Flash Spoilers: When Will Barry Begin Time Travelling?

Barry Allen is ready to steal a page from the Marty McFly Handbook Of Time Travel. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Juicy Details About Grodd's Arrival In Central City

In a recent interview, The Flash's executive producer discussed the tease for Grodd's arrival and compared it to how Slade was introduced on Arrow. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Preview Of Tonight's Episode As Kelly Frye Discusses Plastique's Debut & Cisco's Crush, Plus Why Is Barry Naked?

The Flash returns to The CW tonight and the episode marks the debut of Plastique. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Full Preview For Tuesday's All New Episode, Plastique Set To Debut

A new case will land on Joe's desk in Tuesday's new episode of The Flash. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Cisco Gets In Trouble Again... Only This Time It Is For Love

After Cisco created the gun that Captain Cold managed to steal last week (and got a tongue-lashing from both Barry and Wells for it), it appears the resident geek at S.T.A.R. Labs will get in trouble once again in an upcoming episode. »»

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