Ultimate Marvel Handbook # 236


Hey all. Welcome to another edition of the Marvel Handbook. I‘m Jim Trabold of course. With my partner and bud Daron. Hey Daron what‘s up?

Same old, man, same old. Just been working on a new short story. You?

Not much up here either. I went to Wizard World Philly and had a great time. I know I posted some news up from it but I don‘t know if nexus will use it. Was fun. Met our old bud Ben Morse. But let‘s get going on the Handbook.

Um…yeah…since we did run it…like 2 weeks ago…but yeah moving forward.

Daron asked

What happened to Maverick and what the heck was his power? Jeff and I were talking about him the other day and both of us had a brain fart as to what happened to him and what his freakin power was…

Hey Daron your answers:

Powers: Nord’s primary mutant power was the ability to absorb the energy caused by a kinetic impact. While this power did have limits, Nord could survive a 10 story fall, powerful blasts of energy, and being struck with superhuman force without being injured

Nord is artificially granted a slight healing factor by the program similar to the ones possessed by Wolverine and Sabretooth, though far inferior to theirs. As a result, he could fully heal from mild to moderate injuries faster and more extensively than a normal human. This healing factor also made him highly resistant, if not immune, to most diseases and toxins. It also greatly supressed Nord’s natural aging process, causing him to age much slower. However, after contracting the Legacy Virus, Nord burned out his artificial healing factor and his power to absorb the energy of kinetic impact was reduced considerably.

What happened: He lost his powers during M-Day. He relocated to an office in Queens handling various depowered mutants. Wolverine sought him out for information on carbonadium, reuniting the two and Jubilee. However, Omega Red soon attacked the building, looking for the carbonadium synthesizer.

Right, right. Cool, thanks bud.

Shay emails

Hi guy’s Couple of quick questions

1) when MJ was pregnant with peters child, spider-man went to talk to the Beast about possible genetic complications, have you any idea what issue this occured in?

It may have been during Spider-Man: Mutant Agenda I don‘t recall any other time this may have happened otherwise

2) Does the general public at large know that Hank Pym created Ultron? and has the Original Avengers Line up carried out move Evil deeds then the Original masters of Evil e.g

The general public does not know about Ultron‘s creation by Pym to my recollection.

a) Hulk – how many people have died as a result of his rampages and due to his future self the Professor

Professor Hulk is not the future self of Hulk you are thinking about. You are talking about the Maestro. Which is the future evil Hulk. But future events are in flux. They can happen or not happen. So I‘d rule those events out for anything like this. Also even though Hulk does have a past of causing harm and the like he‘s not meaning to kill people. A villain means to kill people.

b) Thor – Encouraged Viking raids as a child and takes over Earth as part of the Reigning story line.

Again we have an event that is future based and in reality was changed to not have happened at all this time. The Reigning was changed to have not happened recall. So I rule that out. Thor also was a child in the events you mentioned here. He didn‘t know better to not do this. He was not truly a villain to cause it.

c) Iron Man – Weapons developer, led team to murder supreme intelligence,

Let‘s see. Weapons are used by whoever wants to use them. Tony isn‘t out to kill on that. He‘s out for money there. Now of course I see that as wrong but not evil. The Supreme Intelligence. Talk about evil. The being was behind many events the Kree caused. Here‘s a question: If you could go back and kill Hitler before World War II would you? Likely you would. Well the Supreme Intelligence in many ways is the Kree Hitler.

I like how you ask that like no one’s heard it before, Jim…I’d have to say no though, I wouldn’t. That would just make me a murder as well. Why not help Hitler’s family relocate to another country. Say have him grow up in the US, that would also greatly change his perspective, and radically alter history. Anyone ever wonder though, how different the world would be IF WWII never happened?

d) Hank Pym – created Ultron who destroyed an entire country, created robot to kill Avengers (kinda), Wife beater

Ultron creation: bad thing. But he didn‘t know Ultron would do what it did do. IE: He didn‘t create Ultron to kill or destroy the Avengers or anything else. Ultron has a mind to itself and did it.

The wife beater part I‘ll give you.

e) Wasp – has done nothing evil as far as I can see

Innocent as heck. I agree. But many of the events you mention are not really evil. Most where accidents or mistakes.

thanks Love the column

no problem.

TherCanBeOnly1 emails

Hey guys. It’s bee a while. Thought I’d write in with a few cents here and there.

Hey bud. Good to see you again.

1.) I think I’m the only person who wasn’t astonished by Whedon’s run on x-men. The plots were dumb, and he stole his own ideas from Buffy. In an ep of season 7, he uses a device where a scene happens, then there’s a reveal later on that the characters were communicating telepathically. He did the same thing in one of the last issues of Astonishing. The entire Breakworld arc was just plain confusing. But, to some people, Whedon can do absolutely no wrong. He could write an intricate description of his bowel movements, and as long as he couched it in Buffyspeak, there’s a group of people that will have a Whedgasm.

Hmm. I liked certain parts of Astonishing and didn‘t like others. Like any writer they can‘t be perfect. I did enjoy Whedon‘s work with the title myself and it‘s a shame he‘s leaving but I think in reality that Ellis might just do better.

2.) The mess that’s become Spider-Man. Is there an organized boycott of the title? There should be. Look at it logically. Spidey’s in the avengers. Who else was in the avengers with him? Doc Strange. For Brand New Day to work, Mephisto changes the nature of the entire Marvel universe. How does Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, not sense this? And if Mephisto is that powerful, how has anyone ever beaten him? No one ever should again, if he can get away with that. There should be a petition to have Amazing Spider-Man renamed Insidious Spider-Man. It’s one thing to retcon someone’s origin. I have no problem with Tony Stark now being injured in… crap, is it the first Gulf War? rather than Vietnam. That’s necessary so we don’t have a 60 year old Iron Man. It’s something quite different to… what’s the term for retconning current continuity? Currcon? Maybe that’s Quesada’s problem. He’s too busy currconning off. You or Daron might disagree, but I think this is a clear case where if you really need to know what happens, download the issues. Don’t let them get away with this. Because if they do, then it’ll get even more ridiculously widespread.

Well I don‘t boycott Amazing myself. I sort of can‘t because of doing this column and covering Brand New Day synopsis but I know many people have stopped buying the title. I also know that shops like the one I work in have dropped the number of Amazing Spider-Man‘s they are getting in. I‘m very upset still over one more day but it‘s part of my job to read it. But I have no issues if people boycott or stop reading it till fixed.

Well, I agree with you 100%. I dropped the book with the last issue of One More Day, and haven’t regretted it once (hell I’ve been on the verge of dropping the entire Marvel line – but that’s a discussion for another time…). There’s no excuse for the crap they pulled with Spider-Man and I encourage anyone who’s unhappy with it to drop the book. That’s the only way to get them to make changes and the only way to really boycott the book. I know for a fact that sales have plummeted on the book, and many shops have been drastically cutting their numbers.

3.) Secret Invasion isn’t bad so far. I think Fury’s new Howling Commandoes are kind of silly. It reminds me of Piper’s Family, from the old WCW days. In the end tho, the shocking character reveals have a backdoor. You can make someone a skrull without an overly lastin impact. Hank Pym isn’t dead. He’s on some skrull world somewhere. They need to keep him alive to extract memories from him, and all the others. So there’d be a mission to go rescue everyone the skrulls captured to impersonate the people they did on earth. At least it’s not some idiotic parallel timeline nonsense.

Some good points. I actually am enjoying the Invasion and all the tie ins myself. I wanted to do a Skrull issue of the Handbook but haven‘t yet because I need you guys all to help out with questions and the like. But I‘m fine holding off the idea. I‘d rather keep getting a lot of emails then worry about a Skrull issue.

4.) It’s funny, but for nothing much having happened so far, the new Thor series is kicking ass. I’m hoping he gets involved in Secret Invasion. If you really want to protest Spider-Man, support JMS.

Thor is very good. Also Thor will be in Secret Invasion. His own little limited series:


The Skrulls are coming for Asgard, and they’ve got the gods in their sights! But it’s not just the pantheon who stand to suffer the repercussions of the aliens’ secret invasion — the citizens of small-town Broxton, Oklahoma are about to become collateral damage in the attack…and the God of Thunder must defend two cites at once! For a job this big, Thor will have to turn to one of his oldest and closest allies…Beta Ray Bill!

That’s pretty much it. You guys take care. Make Mine the Ultimate Marvel Handbook!

See you next time bud.

Michael emails

How goes it fellas?

Not to bad here.

I’ve been really into the new direction the Thunderbolts have taken post CW. I recently read the Reason in Madness 1 shot featuring Venom and Norman Osborn.

This got me wondering about past interactions Venom (Eddie Brock/Mac Gragon) may have had with Osborn/Green Goblin. I know that Mac Gargon dealt with Osborn in Millar’s run on MK Spider-man, but other than that, what type of relationship did The Green Goblin have with Venom (both Brock and Gargon)?

let’s see. Other then Marvel Knights Spider-Man. Let me think. For some reason I don’t recall a past between them. I may have missed something of course but I don’t think they have much of one. But if any readers know of something they can help out. I‘ll keep you posted.

Thanks Guys!

No problem

Aftersmash synopsis

Giant -Size Hulk #1: Banner writes of Red Hulk. Hulk fight Wundagoer. She-Hulk fights the Hulk as we see the full fight. We also learn of move on Abomination’s past with Hulk.

Brand New Day synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #560: A Woman is interviews and then attacked by Paper Doll. Mr Carr fights past the paparazzi and one of his people call Bennett. Jonah fails to get coffee even after talking to Harry. Pete tries to talk too Harry. Police investigate the woman’s death from earlier. Bennett pays Pete and he finds out about the murder. Spidey goes after Paper Doll and saves a paparazzi. Pete sees C C the man talking to Bennett is taken out by Paper Doll. Carr walks in his place to see MJ.

Amazing Spider-Man #561: We learn Paper Doll’s origin. Carr dates MJ. Robbie quit’s the DB. Spidey gets pics of Carr and his girlfriend before Paper Doll attacks. Spidey appears and fights Paper Doll with MJ’s help. Bennett fires Pete after. Pete moves into his new place. MJ leaves.

Amazing Spider-Man #562: Pete fails getting a job at New York Magazine. Pete meets with Betty. Basher returns as Bookie takes more bets. Pete and Vin catch the net cast of Basher. We see Basher and his family. Pete sees another Spidey show up and goes after them as Spider-Man. He finds out it was Screwball working for Bookie. Spidey goes to the bar to find villains.

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Incredible Hercules #117: A fortune teller runs into the Skrulls as Atum arrives. We learn it is Athena’s sister. We learn of Skrull Gods Klybn and Slgut. Athens has the Gods find their greatest warriors. The team of Cho, Hercules, Snowbird (who declines joining Omega Flight). Tecumotgen, Ameatsu Mikabohi, and Atum. They are named the God Squad. Athena is shown to have green eyes

Mighty Avengers #14: Sentry confronts Void only to leave and find a Skrull shop. Sentry wakes to see the FF. Tony gives Jarvis full Avengers clearance to the Avengers files. Jarvis warns the Skrulls of Sentry. We see Vision attack Sentry in the Savage Land and him run away. The Young Avengers fight the Skrulls. Lindy is attacked only to be saved by Void.

Ms Marvel #27: Ms Marvel interrogates her double and finds out where her boyfriend is. Sum and Carol talk before the group find the truck failing to find him. Carol attacks the Skrull before she blows up the ship. Sleepwalker’s host is hurt. Carol and Simon get it on before heading off to the Savage Land.

New Avengers #41: Savage Land: The dino attack is shown again. Spidey runs into Kazar and Shanna with Spidey thinking they are Skrulls. Kazar and his crew found SHIELD in the savage land we learn and Sharon went undercover before the New Avengers ran into SHIELD. Afterwards Cap attacks Spidey and the others.

She-Hulk #29: She-Hulk talks to another prisoner about what happened to get her disbarred. Mallory gave Jen a case which involved Marcus as a client. Jen takes the case and wins but in the end it leads to argument with Mallory.

Secret Invasion #3: Jarvis shows up on the Hellicarrier in the Bermuda Triangle and orders surrender. Mar-Vell fights the Thunderbolts. The Stamford recruits gather to head to New York. The Young Avengers fight the Skrulls until help arrives in the Stamford heroes. Spider-Woman fights Echo to get to Tony and try to convince him he’s a Skrull. Vision is taken out before Nick Fury and his Commandos show up to help

Captain Britain #2: People mourn the death of Captain Britain. Skrulls invade the Otherworld. Faiza uses her powers on Black Knight. Knight and the others figure out how to stop the Skrulls. Wisdom calls Tink for help. Otherworld fights the Skrulls. Knight and Faiza fight Skrulls on Earth. Oberon closes the door to Otherworld. The heroes find Excalibur. Skrulls gain magic.

Secret Invasion Who do You Trust: Mar-Vell watches video on Radioactive Man as Heather shows up. Mar-Vell goes to the Skrulls and attacks the Thunderbolts. Agent Brand recalls going to Peak and meeting aliens like the Skrulls. Beast and Wonder Man talk and fight threw the Savage Land before Beast turns on him. Marvel Boy tries to fix the Supreme Intelligence as he goes to the Omniwave. Marvel Boy takes out Skrulls after. Namora is captured after killing a Skrull. The Agents of Atlas free her and work on defeating the Skrulls.

Divided We Stand

X-Factor #31: Former mutants are shown around Mutant Town. X-Factor find Arcade as the barrier around Mutant Town fails to fall. Val calls Tony. X-Factor tries to save all they can. Rictor in the end takes out the grid.

X-Men Divided We Stand #2: Beast goes threw the remains of the Scholl finding things like Miss Johanson and leaves. We see Illyana searching for Bloodstones as she recalls her past. Havok is held prisoners and updated on the X-Men by Vulcan angering him. Forge recalls how Bishop attacked him before going back to work. Surge goes to Moonstar for help and they talk as Moonstar helps best she can

Uncanny X-Men #490: We see the goddess arrive in San Fran. Wolverine is tortured to make Colossus talk. Nightcrawler is brought in next. Wolverine breaks free. Omega Red is sent after them. Cyclops and Emma run into Warpath, Iceman, Hepzibah and Angel

X-Men #212: Gambit takes out the men going after Xavier. Xavier sees Gambits memories of the X-Men and finds information no one knew. Gambit shows Xavier is on a hit list . Ryking is found dead. Shaw continues his work. Xavier recalls his mother getting beat by his step father. The assassins attack only to be defeated. Xavier recalls meeting Sinister.

X-Force #4: Elixar helps Wolfsbane. X-23 and Wolverine talk. Wolfbane wakes and rips apart Angel’s wins. X-23 fails to stop Wolfsbane who reports to Craig. The Purifiers get the wings and use them for the genes. SHIELD meets of the Purifiers. Elixer tries to help Angel only to find the genes to make Angel come back as Archangel.

Cable #4: Cannonball meets Cable. Bishop goes hunting Cable and tortures a man for information. We learn Cannonball used Cerebra to find Cable. Cannonball holds off Bishop to give Cable time to escape. Cable stops running

Young X-Men #2: Ink takes Blindfold to a mystery figure. Wolfcub, Dust and Rockslide fight Magma with Dust being injured. Cannonball and Sunspot learn of the Young X-Men. Ink reports to Cyclops as someone watches. Moonstar threatens Blindfold. The teams meet up as Magma is held. The cave is used to help Dust. Pierce shows up.

Initiative synopsis

Avengers Initiative #13: New recruits are brought in as Butterball is excited. Yellowjacket and Taskmaster greet them. Taskmaster talks to the others about Butterball. The recruits take the training out on Butterball. A hit is put on Taskmaster. Prodigy has a press conference. The recruits leave the camp. Butterball runs back. The group see trouble as Hyde, Cobra, Mauler and Firebrand attack. The villains are defeated after trying to use Butterball. Butterball is kicked out.

Avengers/Invaders #2: Carol and Tony get the Avengers together to deal with the Invaders. The Invaders deal with their new world before fighting the Avengers and being defeated. Namor escapes. Cap/Bucky sees news of the Invaders. The Invaders are held as the Secret Avengers plan to help them.

Invincible Iron Man #2: Iron Man fights Modog. The Phillippines heroes are introduced: Red Feather, St. George, Mighty Mother, Anitur, Fighter Man, Wishing Man, Mongoose. Suiciders attack. Stane watches. Iron Man and War Machine go to investigate. Thor shows up to help mourn a fallen hero. Terrorist attack a party Tony is at.

Last Defenders #4: Krang takes out Meranno. Nighthawk tries to stop him. The Defenders are stopped by the Mighty Avengers and disband. Tony, Gyrich and Nighthawk meet as Nighthawk quits. Hellstorm goes to see Hellcat. Kyle meets with Joaquin. Brand: Yandroth continues his observations. Hellstorm finds Nighthawk.

Moon Knight #19: Initiative is celebrated. Crawley helps Moon Knight. Black Spectre watches and fights Moon Knight only to be killed. Tony watches in anger.

That‘s it for today. I‘m saving one or two emails for the next issue which should be coming quickly. I just have to answer the questions asked. Easy enough. But I‘d love more emails. Daron what did you think?

I think I need a new job, but that has nothing to do with this here…you asked.

Sounds good. That‘s it from here all. See you all next issue and keep those emails coming. If anyone has anything on Secret Invasion or the Skrulls send it this way. I‘d still love to do an all Skrull issue.

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. Next issue is our Skrull issue. We have tons of information and reveals so far. So if you have any questions on Skrulls or opinions on Secret Invasion send them this way

That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine with hot fudge and those little candy sprinkles…mmmm.

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