Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Night of Champions 2009

This is the one night a year when all the titles in WWE are on the line. Yes, ALL EIGHT OF THEM. And just think, it could have been nine if the tag titles were not unified. In a bit of a rarity, most of the matches, at least on paper, seem like they could and should be good or better and the card is strong. So here’s what the Pulse team thinks will happen on Sunday, in this Roundtable of champions!

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

Roy Reynolds: These three guys have faced off in the ring more times than I can even remember. I could see each of them walking out of the pay-per-view as the new WWE Champion, so by default, I have to give things to Randy Orton. When in doubt, go with the champion to retain his strap.
Winner – Randy Orton

Brian Eison: Supposedly SummerSlam is going to be HHH vs Cena right? So how do we get there? I think (hope) everyone is tired of Orton vs HHH at this point, and if either of them has the belt their feud continues. If Cena wins by pinning Orton then HHH can lay claim to dibs on the rematch not that he needs dibs considering who he is.
Winner: Cena pins Orton

Raffi Shamir: Orton absolutely must retain the title here. Even if the rumors of Cena vs. Triple H at SummerSlam are true, it doesn’t have to be a title match. Orton, on the other hand, needs the title in order to maintain his and Legacy’s credibility. Legacy is one of the lamest stables in recent WWE history (Except their cool t-shirt and entrance music) and without the WWE championship they have nothing. So I say that Orton retains here and goes on to defend against a returning HBK next month.
Winner: Randy Orton

Steven Gepp: Has HHH passed Flair’s record for number of titles yet? No? Well then, that makes this easy…
Winner (and new champ): HHH

Paul Marshall: I swear I’ve seen this match before, but I can’t put a finger on it. Wasn’t this WrestleMania 24? This is the one reason why RAW has gotten so stale. Triple H feuding for the title…check. John Cena feuding for the title…check. Batista injured…check. Continuing to hold MVP and the Miz down…check. I wouldn’t mind this match for Summerslam, to be honest, but for a PPV that isn’t an “important” one, I’d much rather see the Miz or MVP get a title shot, even if the result would be Orton winning. Orton/Trips won’t be over until WWE Hell in a Cell in October…but Cena could do better with the strap.
Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

Andrew Wheeler: First and foremost, my picks will be shorter than normal as I’m hardcore studying for the Bar and will be wrapped up with all that nonsense until Thursday. With that said, I’m grateful that the WWE was nice enough to just recycle a combination we’ve seen several times. However, unlike Wrestlemania, I think Orton’s losing the belt here. He’s stale, which is shocking when you consider how hot a property he was just a few short months ago. Orton has been relegated to a never-ending feud with Triple H, the kind of bloodfeud that should have been settled long ago. For whatever reason, the WWE didn’t blow off this interminable war with a Hell in a Cell match. Instead, we’ve seen almost every other gimmick in the WWE’s arsenal, and every “conclusive” win has yet to conclude the damn feud. This is the problem when you make something that personal without the face winning and the heel vanishing for a while. Instead, Hunter vanished from television, and his return prompted an immediate return to the feud. For this, I don’t actually blame Creative. You see, Orton’s title reign has been a victim of circumstance. First, I don’t think anyone thought that Batista was going to suffer the injuries he did (aside from an application of common sense). With Dave out of the picture, the idea of shifting the feud from Orton/Hunter to Hunter/Batista was lost. Second, nobody thought that Mister Kennedy…Kennedy would be released so quickly upon his return. Unlike MVP who popped up on RAW in the main event only to sink to the midcard, it appeared that the WWE was finally going to let Kennedy…Kennedy get his main event push. No Batista and no Kennedy…Kennedy meant that the company had to revert back to the same-old, same-old HHH/Orton feud. I guess we should be thankful that they didn’t rush a Cena/Orton feud, but we’ve been forced to endure nonstop repetition. This triple-threat is actually the freshest option the company has, and the way to freshen up the main event is to put the gold on someone new. Summerslam deserves to be headlined by Hunter/Cena because it is in fact a blockbuster match-up. I was taken to task for claiming this was a “fresh” match, but these two have only faced each other in singles competition two or three times. Triple H versus John Cena is an exciting enough match for the WWE Universe (a phrase I still detest), and is likely to bump the buyrate higher than HHH/Orton or Cena/Orton. My guess is that the WWE puts the belt on John Cena, because he has yet to hold the spinning title since it returned to RAW. On top of that, I think that Triple H is chomping at the bit to recapture his title from Cena to get his win “back” from a few years ago. I also have to believe that the WWE doesn’t want Hunter to get too close to the 16-time record unless HHHe’s really almost about to retire.
Winner: John Cena

Mark Allen: I am pretty tired of seeing a combination of these three on top of RAW. But with SummerSlam coming up next month I’m sure these guys will still be there again. Cena and HHH are 1-1 in big time one-on-one matches against each other and their rubber match would look pretty good on top of SummerSlam. The question is, who win the belt here to make it work?
Winner – John Cena (new champion)

World Heavyweight Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Roy Reynolds: Rumors are floating around that Jeff Hardy will be parting ways with the WWE sooner than later. Not only that, but I truly believe that this will be the event that Punk completes his heel turn. Punk needs this win badly and I think he’ll get it. For the record, I’m hoping that John Morrison will be his next challenger.
Winner – CM Punk

Brian Eison: I think Punk has been killing it during this feud. Every time he has had the opportunity to speak he’s made the most of it and I think the heel turn has been great so far. I expect Punk to retain his title in what should be a pretty good match.
Winner: CM Punk

Raffi Shamir: I used to call CM Punk overrated. No more. I praised him last month and I can only praise him again today. His heel turn is wrestling masterpiece and he’s backing it up in the ring. I realize that Jeff Hardy is over in a huge way, but he’s still not my cup of tea. Hopefully the rumors of his departures are true. For his sake, as he’ll get some relief from the stress and temptation of WWE life before he burns out, but also for me. If the last month of SmackDown is indicating Punk vs. Morrison at SummerSlam next month, I’m all for it (Although I’m very disappointed that once again Morrison is off the PPV card). Any way, Punk has to win here and rule the SmackDown title scene as a heel.
Winner: CM Punk

Steven Gepp: I thought Hardy was taking indefinite time off. Oh well. I expect a good match, but I think internet rumours have foreshadowed the result. Still, I think it’ll be worth watching. And I’m betting on some Matt Hardy shenanigans to further that feud and affect the result.
Winner (retaining): Punk

Paul Marshall: I hate the fact I can’t watch SmackDown…cause CM Punk is at the top of his game. Does anyone know when Matt Hardy is slated to return? I wouldn’t mind seeing one last Hardy v. Hardy match before Jeff leaves. He’s not going to get the title because the WWE doesn’t know if Jeff will stay in the company while Edge heals.
Winner: CM Punk

Andrew Wheeler: I’ve enjoyed the hell out of Punk’s fake heel turn, and I think the WWE has played it perfectly. Punk hasn’t really done a lot of overly heelish stuff. He took Hardy to task for Hardy being a bad role model, which is something Hogan would have done twenty years ago to cheers. Hell, chances are twenty years ago Vince would have pushed for Hogan to appear on mainstream television to shill these “virtues”. The fact that Punk is legit about all of his claims makes him the perfect heel for those wrestling fans that dally in vices. As an attorney-to-be, I guess I have to applaud him for his actions, but as a wrestling fan who knows that the audience will boo anyone who tells them what not to do, I applaud him for his ingenuity. CM Punk was a guy who won the title legally, was injured in a match that caused him to be DQed, was attacked on his injured appendage, attacked his opponent verbally for being a drug user and a bad role model, and yet is the biggest heel on Smackdown. He’s played the role brilliantly. Even better, he can actually CONTINUE his war against hypocrisy because he’s going to beat Jeff Hardy. The WWE was incredibly smart choosing now to be the time for Punk’s heel turn, because the company can make Hardy look bad and it won’t damage the promotion. If Jeff decides to take time off, he’ll still get a pop when he returns regardless of whether or not he jobs. If Jeff decides to stay, he’ll still get a pop when he shows up regardless of whether or not he jobs. It is a rare win-win for the WWE. My surprise is that based on the prior actions of Punk that this match wasn’t a no-DQ. The fact that it isn’t no-DQ makes me think that Punk is retaining without getting a clean pin on Hardy. Regardless, there is more money in Punk as champ then there is with Hardy holding the gold. Why? Because Jeff sells merchandise without the gold and people will pay a lot of good money to see Punk eventually get his comeuppance. Thankfully, that time has not reached its apex. Punk has John Morrison to move onto, which is the kind of young, exciting feud that could steal Summerslam. It could even eclipse Hart/Perfect, which was my favorite Summerslam match of all time (and yes, I know it’s not going out on a limb to praise that match). Hardy will probably be gone by Summerslam, so why risk it? With HHH/Cena as the probable headliner of the show, Smackdown can afford to take the risk, even on a top-four PPV event.
Winner: CM Punk will retain

Mark Allen: I absolutely love the feud between these two but with the rumors that Hardy still hasn’t re-signed with the company there is no way Punk isn’t walking out as Champion here. He’s got plenty of challengers with Mysterio, Jericho, Morrison and others waiting to challenge him.
Winner – Punk

Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Roy Reynolds: Ziggler has been on a ruthless streak on recent weeks of SmackDown, brutally assaulting Rey Mysterio and everyone that’s associated with him. Despite the fact that he’s in a match for championship gold, I am assuming that Ziggler’s attitude will not vanish by this Sunday. Mysterio wins via disqualification after a chair shot.
Winner – Rey Mysterio

Brian Eison: I know they are pushing Ziggler hard, but I think it’s too soon for him to beat Mysterio for the belt. Rey gets the win but this feud is just getting started.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Raffi Shamir: Despite what I wrote in the World Heavyweight Championship prediction, I realize that WWE might think that Punk vs. Morrison is not a big enough match to co-headline SummerSlam. And sadly, I may agree with them. So another possible title contender, especially with SummerSlam taking place in California, would be Rey Mysterio. He’s a big enough star to challenge for the title in the second biggest event of the year. That would mean he’d have to drop the IC title and I think that Ziggler is ripe enough to hold that belt. Then they could have Morrison challenge Ziggler for the IC belt in August. Plus, of all the wrestlers booked on this PPV, Ziggler is the only one who hasn’t held at least one title during his WWE career. I believe he won’t stay this way for long.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Steven Gepp: This match leaves me cold. Rey’s done the ‘plucky little guy versus the big monster’ thing so often now he has it down to a fine art. But I’m not sure they’re really ready to pull the trigger on a decent push for Ziggler just yet… Tough one.
Winner (still champ): Rey

Paul Marshall: My name is Dolph Ziggler…Intercontinental Champion.
Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Andrew Wheeler: I am really torn about this match-up. On the one hand, the IC Title has been hot-shotted so many times in the past few months, that having Mysterio lose the title here would be yet another switch in only a few months. Also, having Dolph beat Mysterio this early in the feud would essentially end the potentially long-term war. On the other hand, it looks like the WWE is trying desperately to recreate a Savage/Elizabeth relationship with Dolph Ziggler and Maria. As we saw on Smackdown, Dolph is going to use Maria to inadvertently help him win matches, so that she stays face while the fans boo him. I really think there is more money in keeping the belt on Rey and letting Dolph get a rematch, but the momentum seems squarly on Ziggler (not to mention freeing up Mysterio allows Rey to move to the main event should the WWE get cold feet with regards to Morrison).
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Mark Allen: I could honestly seeing this match going either way. SD’s upper card is so wide open right now that I don’t see either man’s card position changing a lot based on this match outcome. But I also think an I-C Title win here by Ziggler would do wonders for his career and give him an even bigger boost. Mysterio will recover easily in the loss.
Winner – Ziggler (new Champion)

United States Championship – Six Pack Challenge:
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Big Show vs. MVP vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz

Roy Reynolds: Big Show is clearly the favorite to win this match, but I think otherwise. If the idea was to make Show the next United States Champion, then the WWE bookers would have simply made Kofi Kingston defend the title against Show in a singles match. I’m guessing that Kofi will steal the victory from Big Show after pinning Carlito with the Trouble in Paradise.
Winner – Kofi Kingston

Brian Eison: Why is the Big Show in this match? Why are Miz and Carlito? I expect this to be a mess that doesn’t do much for anyone involved except the winner.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Raffi Shamir: WWE did not reveal the rules of this match, but I’m guessing it’s one fall rather than elimination. MVP just held the title, Carlito is feuding with Primo (Who might interfere and take his brother out of the match), Big Show just had a singles match and missed his opportunity and Miz is cool enough even without a title, at least when he’s on TV. The most logical option here is Jack Swagger, and he’s also the best option. I think he has so much potential it’s scary. The US title will be just a stepping stone for him for bigger and better things.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Steven Gepp: I am looking forward to this one. Big Show looks motivated as of late and I enjoy watching Kingston and MVP. But I think this will be the start of the mega-push for the next Lesnar.
Winner (new champ): Swagger

Paul Marshall: Six men…oh the possibilities. One thing we know is that Big Show won’t win the title. The Miz will…why? Because he’s awesome.
Winner and NEW U.S. Champion: The Miz

Andrew Wheeler: I hate the fact that we’ve been forced to endure so much Kofi/Show if the WWE intended to make this a six-pack challenge. Kingston has so many great challengers in this match, and you really can’t blame the WWE for wanting all these guys to get a payday. The fact that they went with a six-man match is proof that the WWE didn’t want to put the gold on The Big Show. If the company wanted Show to win the belt, they would have gone straight-up one-on-one. With that said, I don’t think the WWE wants to transfer the title to a significant challenger. That means that MVP and Jack Swagger are out of the picture. Jack is primed for a main event run, and his feud with MVP is best to not involve gold. That leaves Carl Ito and The Miz. Carl has a feud with his brother, and that’s a feud that also doesn’t need the gold to be intriguing. As for The Miz? Well, he’s directionless and could use the belt, but I think that Kofi is destined to drop the title in a singles bout. On the other hand, if The Miz wins the gold and Maryse retains, they would be the new golden couple in the WWE. Having Kingston retain will allow the company to play up his ability to win against the odds, which adds value to his character. Summerslam could see Kofi face Swagger one-on-one or face The Miz or maybe even Evan Bourne. The Big Show is freed up to feud with whoever he wants, including possibly a face turn and a feud with Orton (who also will have nothing to do) or the inevitable boredom feud with Mark Henry. As for The Miz? Still pretty directionless.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Mark Allen: RAW actually has a mid-card now with these guys plus Primo, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne so I think the US Title could go a lot of different ways. MVP and Swagger have their own issue that doesn’t necessarily need the belt help their issue. Ditto for the Primo and Carlito issue. Big Show would be a division killer. I’ve got to go with a Kofi retention, which maybe can lead into a singles feud with Miz.
Winner – Kofi

ECW Championship:
Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian

Roy Reynolds: Shelton Benjamin seems like he’s going to be the next guy to receive a shot at the strap. If WWE wants to bring something fresh to the table, then they’ll have Dreamer defend against Benjamin at the next pay-per-view, as Christian and Shelton have faced off several times in the past before. This one’s definitely up in the air, but I have to go with Dreamer solely for the reason above.
Winner – Tommy Dreamer

Brian Eison: I’m not sure where they are going with this, neither guy needs a heel turn if they are both staying on ECW and it feels like no matter who wins they are just being set-up to job to Koslov. So, my guess is that Koslov and possibly his new buddy Regal get involved in the match in a way that leads to Dreamer keeping the title.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Raffi Shamir: WHEN? When will the dreamer feel-good title run end already? It’s been too long. Why couldn’t he just retire in June? Anyway, Christian should win here and I hope he does.
Winner: Christian

Steven Gepp: I wish this was being fought under old ECW rules because then this could steal match of the night. But as it is I think it will be entertaining, and I have no ideas who the winner could be, so I’ll go with my heart.
Winner (retaining): Dreamer

Paul Marshall: Night of Champions is in Philly…what better way to finally put a nail in the coffin of the original ECW? Yeah, Vince would do just that.
Winner and NEW ECW Champion: Christian

Andrew Wheeler: I don’t share other people’s hatred of Dreamer as the champion, but I think his run will end at Night of Champions. Tommy Dreamer is in Philly in front of the ECW faithful, who will no doubt want to see Tommy retain. Using simple WWE math, the guy who is the hometown hero must be humiliated, so Dreamer is dropping the title. This frees Tommy up to feud with the AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL PLEASE SOMEONE FUTURE ENDEAVOR HIM AND LET US NEVER THINK OF HIM AGAIN Abraham Washington, and allows Christian to move into a feud with Vladamir Kozlov. By the way, my guess is that Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson will probably form a super-team that will dominate ECW. I’m now of the mindset that Christian needs a heel turn in order to save his return from becoming a total waste, but there is no strong face on the show to challenge him, so Christian will now be the TOP face on the program. Either way, I don’t think the WWE sees any more money in a Dreamer run with the belt. Summerslam will be the site of the Christian/Kozlov match, which seems like a bigger match than Dreamer/Kozlov.
Winner: Christian, Christian, at last you’re on your own…

Mark Allen: My own fantasy booking has Christian revealed as Jericho’s Unified Tag partner so I say Tommy retains here. He’s got plenty of other people he can drop the belt to, namely Kozlov, Regal or Benjamin.
Winner – Dreamer

Unified Tag Team Championship:
Chris Jericho & A Mystery Partner (c) vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

Roy Reynolds: Ziggler has helped Jericho out with Mysterio within the past couple weeks of SmackDown, so it seems pretty obvious that these guys have some natural chemistry together. If Dolph ends his United States Championship match with Rey quickly and earlier on in the show, then there’s no reason why the guy can’t compete in multiple matches on pay-per-view. Regardless of who Jericho’s partner turns out to be, though, I don’t see Legacy taking the belts at this time.
Winner – Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler

Brian Eison: Jericho’s mystery partner is no one. I think he’ll come out and cut a promo saying that he could not find a partner that lived up to his high standards so he’ll defend them alone. The result of the match will be Jericho somehow just barely retaining the titles so that he can continue as unified tag champion just a bit longer.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Raffi Shamir: The identity of the mystery partner was at the center of a very good edition of Vs. this week. Just like Dale, I’ll go with The Miz as Jericho’s partner. Both because it would give him some extra bragging rights over Morrison and because of the now famous Twitter feud. Besides, he needs something to do as a reward for carrying the Cena feud and getting squashed when it ended. A run with Jericho is just that kind of reward. Priceless will continue to lose, because that’s what they do.
Winners: Jericho and The Miz

Steven Gepp: Mystery partner? Look, I have no idea who this could be. I thought Ziggler, but he’s already on the card and surely they wouldn’t push him like that so soon. Hmm… Okay, here’s a wild one. Mystery partner – Kurt Angle! But I don’t think it matters because I reckon the Legacy v the Hart Dynasty is the mega-money feud here, and that’s what they’re aiming for. Of course, my brain says Jericho will go out and defend the titles alone, and somehow pull out the win because they like dicking around like that. But I’ll go with what I want to see.
Winners (new champs): DiBiase & Rhodes

Paul Marshall: There’s two choices for Jericho’s partner. Chris Masters or Dolph Ziggler. Although if Jericho picks Masters, he should be ridiculed for picking a druggie over a gimp. Hell let’s go for it.
Winners: Chris Jericho & Chris Masters

Andrew Wheeler: Ah, let the fantasy booking commence. I predicted a few weeks ago that the mystery opponent would be Christian. I thought that Jericho and Christian as a team would be a great combination to see on three shows (since the titles can be defended on any brand), and is the kind of heel pairing that will warrant main event status. Unfortunately, I think Christian is winning the ECW title, so it seems unlikely. The second man who seemed prime for the role was Dolph Ziggler, but if Dolph is indeed winning the IC Title, he isn’t the best choice. I’ve seen people float the idea that Ted DiBiase will turn on Cody and become Jericho’s partner. Intriguing, but not on the night where Legacy is needed for the main event. You can’t end Legacy until AFTER Orton loses the belt, so that Teddy’s defection will mean something. My longshot fantasy never happen in a million years pick would be the intriguing combination of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. Michaels was bordering on heel when he left, and he sure as hell seemed to be having fun. On top of that, having Michaels on all three brands instantly adds value to ECW and Smackdown, which is a nice idea considering the piling amount of injuries (and the loss of Jeff Hardy). Lastly, having Jericho team with Michaels is a lesser work-load for both superstars. HBK’s returning early means he’s still going to need time to get back to full potential (though with his skills it shouldn’t take long), and competing in tag matches lessens the burden on him. Just imagine if you’ve got Hunter and Cena feuding with each other but also facing Michaels and Jericho. Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, it probably is. In the end, I think it’s going to be Matt Hardy, who can claim to be better than Edge and is the right amount of cocky heel to work with Chris. No matter who it is, Jericho’s keeping the tag gold since he isn’t going to be in the main event picture as long as Punk holds the gold.
Winner: Chris Jericho and A Mystery Partner

Mark Allen: I say Christian is the mystery partner and they retain the belts here to solidify the alliance and plant seeds for the eventual Ted DiBiase babyface run.
Winner- Jericho (and Christian)

Divas Championship:
Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James

Roy Reynolds: Surprisingly, I think this is one of the more interesting diva feuds that WWE has put on in a while. Anyways, lately, Mickie has been getting the better of Maryse, so I think it would only be reasonable for her to win the title.
Winner – Mickie James

Brian Eison: I love Maryse and think she is really forming a fantastic heel character. This feud has been decently established and I do not think this match will be the end of it. I’m going to guess that Mickie gets the champ in early trouble and Maryse has to blatantly cheat to win (or even get DQ’d) which will set-up the rematch and continue things.
Winner: Maryse keeps the title one way or another

Raffi Shamir: Maryse has a great character. Reminds me of all the girls who wouldn’t even look down to me in high-school (but I’ll leave that for my shrink). She looks good with the title and her whole persona right now revolves around it, so she needs to keep it. Besides, Michelle McCool needs some more time to brag about being the only one to win both the Women’s championship and Divas championship before someone else also gets this dubious honor.
Winner: Maryse

Steven Gepp: I saw this live. It sucked. I mean, worse than indy wrestling in front of 23 customers with free beer sucked. So I don’t care.
Winner (new champ): Mickie James (and that’s because I hate her marginally less than Maryse… and why isn’t Natalya, some-one who can actually wrestle, fighting on this card?)

Paul Marshall: If Miz wins, Maryse retains. That’s what I think anyway.
Winner: Maryse

Andrew Wheeler: Two women’s matches on the card means two breaks for the audience. I’ve been very hard on Mickie James for quite a while due to what I’ve perceived to be a rapid decline in her looks, but that doesn’t mean that I think she’s terrible in the ring. With that said, Maryse has held the gold for quite a while and James winning the title would make her only the second Diva to hold both the Divas Championship and the Women’s Championship. Barring Michelle McCool’s desire to remain the only Diva to hold the distinction, I think the WWE is going to let Mickie win the match and claim the honor.
Winner: Mickie James

Mark Allen: Maryse is on a hot streak and looks great while doing it.
Winner – Maryse

Women’s Championship:
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina

Roy Reynolds: Who the hell cares? If I have to make a logical choice, though, let’s take a look at the matter. Michelle just won the Women’s Championship from Melina at the last pay-per-view, so it would be unnatural for the WWE to have McCool lose it back to her on such short notice.
Winner – Michelle McCool

Brian Eison: I am not nearly as high on this Divas feud as the one from Raw. I like McCool’s development well enough but don’t really dig Melina as a babyface. I’m going to pick Melina to get the win but just like on Raw I except this feud to continue.
Winner: Melina

Raffi Shamir: Michelle just won the title, she’s not losing it.
Winner: Michelle McCool

Steven Gepp: Another match I care little about. What about Natalya here? Let’s have some proper wrestling… Please!
Winner (retaining): McCool

Paul Marshall: Make the match two days before the show…yeah that surely has my attention….not.
Winner: Michelle McCool

Andrew Wheeler: Since I have Mickie winning, I would have to assume that Michelle McCool would then retain. I could be completely wrong and this could go the other way, but right or wrong I’m sticking to my guns. Melina as champ again adds zero value to the Women’s Championship, so why not keep it around the waist of Michelle McCool?
Winner: Michelle McCool

Mark Allen: Michelle just won the belt and hasn’t milked the whole “first dual champion” gimmick enough.
Winner – Michelle

Now that you know what we think will happen, you’re welcome to join us here on Pulse Wrestling on Sunday night, for full, up to the minute live coverage of WWE Night of Champions.

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