Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Hell in a Cell 2009

Welcome to the first of two WWE roundtables we’ll have in October. WWE continues to changes the names of minor events and give each of them a specific gimmick, so farewell No Mercy, welcome Hell in a Cell. The gimmick is self explanatory, I believe. The three main events are all rematches from last month’s submission PPV and to the Pulse team’s credit, we didn’t follow in WWE’s footsteps and recycle last month’s entries. We actually wrote new ones! So sit back and enjoy the Hell in a Cell roundtable.

World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell:
CM Punk (c) vs. Undertaker

Steven Gepp: This should not be Hell in a Cell yet. It’s not time. And that’s the problem with these ‘themed’ PPVs. Having said that, Undertaker’s about due for his next ego-masturbation and so I’m guessing he’ll get the win here and completely destroy any and all momentum CM Punk has had because he hasn’t paid his dues or other such crap. I have low hopes for this one.
Winner: Undertaker (new champ)

Roy Reynolds: All signs point to Undertaker winning the World Heavyweight Championship in a match that he has dominated in for the past several years. Something makes me believe, though, that Punk will overcome the odds once again. No particular reason for this prediction, really; it's just a gut feeling.
Winner: CM Punk

Michael O'Mahony: A difficult one to call. I have a feeling they're not going to give 'Taker the belt this time, instead diverting him into a feud with Vince while Punk moves on to Batista or whoever. I sincerely hope it isn't Batista, but they've already fucked up Smackdown at this point, so why not let that 'roided up douche ruin another main event scene?
Winner: Punk, via another screwy finish.

Brian Eison: I am a huge mark for HIAC matches and while I like this feud I don’t think it is anywhere near ready for this environment. This is just the third meeting between these guys, where does it go after the match this supposed to be the end of bitter rivalries? I was happy that Punk kept the title last ppv and have no issues with the backstage involvement with Teddy and Vince. But unless Mr. McMahon is ready to take a more active role in this situation I wouldn’t put money on Punk beating Taker in this match.
Winner: Undertaker

Mark Allen: I'm going to go against all WWE logic and say that Punk retains the belt here.
Winner – Punk

Andrew Wheeler: Let me go on the record as saying that I liked the finish at the last ppv. Why? It kept the title off of Taker. I know it is an inevitability, but come on! I think the next ppv is Proving Ground, in which case the E could give us Cena/Taker or Cena/Punk. I am going against my instincts and thinking that Taker and Cena deserves a bigger stage…so Punk is going over here.
Winner: Punk

Tess Nolde: So, the Hell's Gate submission hold is legal now. Is there any question as to who will win this one then? Unless of course they try and mess with everyone and do yet another screwjob ending, I would be assuming that its probably time to put the belt back on Undertaker. Though, if he wins without using the Hells Gate I'll be pretty shocked.
Winner: Undertaker.

Raffi Shamir: I'm so glad I'm not the only one dilusional enough to think that Punk is going to retain here. Yes, it's Undertaker, HIAC is his match, he did not beat Punk last month and he hasn't held a title in a long time. Normally, each part of the former sentence would be enough to give Taker a clean win and the title here on its own. However, I believe that he will be screwed once again and the straight edge will prove once again that he is better than us.
Winner: Punk

Paul Marshall: If the WWE was smart, they'd keep the title on the hottest heel in all wrestling. No, not Randy Orton…CM Punk. Undertaker's limited mobility would be a sign that he's about done with his legendary career, but I'm sure that he'll win. If I was booking this, I'd have the match be declared a draw with Punk retaining by default. What used to be the ultimate end of any feud has now turned into a yearly event. Welcome to Hell, see you on the other side.
Winner: The Undertaker (New Champion)

Brad Curran: I’ve got 99 problems with Smackdown right now, but this ain’t one, because Punk’s got to win. Right? Surely. Undertaker’s got that Sting thing where he only wins the title at important shows, Punk’s the best heel in the business now, he’s got a bodyguard set to debut, Cena vs. Punk and Bragging Rights could be fun; yeah, he’s gonna win! Surely.
Winner: CM Punk

Matthew Michaels: The belt should stay on Punk, and rumors of this not closing the show tonight make me feel this will be the case, but I have no idea how this can happen, so I’m QUITE curious to watch this one. Maybe Punk gets a new ally?
Winner: CM Punk

WWE Championship – Hell in a Cell:
John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton

Steven Gepp: After so many matches it makes sense that this one goes to a HIAC. I’m not saying it will be good or new or anything, but it makes sense. However, Cena has a habit of bringing it on the big stage, and Orton can bring it when motivated. But this is a hard call. A brief title reign won’t kill Cena as there’s money in the chase. But I think it depends where this one falls in the card. If it follows the DX/Legacy match, then I expect Orton to regain with help from a Legacy member (or new member – that DiBiase brother from last time maybe?) who hung behind. But I’m torn. So coin toss time!
Winner: John Cena (heads)

Roy Reynolds: Considering that John Cena just won the WWE Championship at the last pay-per-view, I don't see Randy Orton taking it back from Cena at this point. Unless some shenanigans go down, then I don't see why anyone could pick against John Cena in this particular match.
Winner: John Cena

Michael O'Mahony: Orton ain't winning here. Not a chance.
Winner: Cena, clean as a whistle.

Brian Eison: I really hope this is the end of this feud. I am tired of it, tired of Super Cena and tired of Orton jobbing to everyone on Raw. I don’t expect Cena’s character to change but I hope both guys move on to other foes on Monday.
Winner: John Cena

Mark Allen: In promo packages this week they have been billing this as Orton's last chance at the Championship. So I'm praying for a small break in this feud after Hell in a Cell. What does that mean? I'm thinking Cena wins here and then either battles one of DX, one of JeriShow or *gasp* a new star like Jack Swagger or one of Legacy at the next show.
Winner – Cena

Andrew Wheeler: Just a heads up that I am writing this on my pda so expect short answers with inevitable spelling errors. Speaking of errors, RAW this week ended with a massive error. The only hook Cena and Orton had was that we have never seen John in the HIAC itself. Now? Not only did we see it, we saw probably what should have been the finish to the damn match. Eh, whatever. My thoughts on these two working together is always the same, they were both the onetime future of the industry but they lack the Austin/Rock magic and are sort of always involved in middling feuds. That being said, Cena isn't dropping the strap because that would mean another round of Orton v. HHH.
Winner: Cena

Tess Nolde: Everything to do with the WWE Championship is getting stale. There doesn't appear to be any new challengers, and honestly, how long are WWE going to be able to get away with changing the title around between Cena and Orton? I would take a guess that because Cena has stated that this is Orton's last chance at the title and because we're not seeing new challengers up there, Orton might just take out the win here. And I'm sorry Cena fans, but I'd rather vote Orton than Cena when I have no idea at all.
Winner: Randy Orton.

Raffi Shamir: This match is treated like the culmination of this loooooooooooooong feud. If it's true, that there is no way that Orton wins here (Because if he, Cena would get a rematch and the feud will continue). SO Cena wins and moves on to feud with…hmmmm…damn it, who does Cena feud with after Orton?
Winner: Cena

Paul Marshall: When they use the "last chance" stipulation, that automatically means that the challenger will win the title. This case seems to be appropriate because after Randy, who else is there for Cena to feud with? Big Show – too busy kissing Jericho's ass; Triple H – Busy dealing with Orton's bitches; Shawn Michaels – See Triple H; The Miz – Wasn't he neutered by Cena?; Jack Swagger – Make it an Ironman match and we might see a new instant classic. Chavo Guerrero – Ummm…I rest my case.
Anyhow, Raw doesn't have the talent to necessitate a longer Cena reign. Likewise if Orton wins back the title, we keep moving backwards as it will only be Cena, Trips, and Shawn that get title shots. The prospect for a Swagger/Cena feud would be what I want if I was booking this mess. Besides, has the "last chance" stipulation ever meant anything?
Winner: John Cena

Brad Curran: I’ll take Cena, even if I wouldn’t be shocked or appalled (bored, sure) if the Age of Orton resumed here. They have time to build up a new heel for Cena with the next two PPVs not requiring a WWE Championship match.
Winner: Cena

Matthew Michaels: Cena should win this one; in fact I’m rooting for him to keep the belt into Mania, and turn heel early next year.
Winner: John Cena

Hell in a Cell:
D-Generation X vs. The Legacy

Steven Gepp: Another that does not require the HIAC treatment, but which could well be the most entertaining of the three cell matches. I like Legacy and DX know their way around a Cell. I expect to be entertained. But I wonder about blood in this new PG-world which has been inflicted upon us. Anyway, I think experience will shine because HHH and Shaun don’t go down that easy.
Winners: DX

Roy Reynolds: Ever since I started watching wrestling, I have never seen DX get manhandled like what Legacy has been doing to Triple H and Shawn Michaels. With that taken into consideration, the smart move for WWE to make would obviously to put the young guys over. Not only do I think that's the right decision, but I believe that Vince and his gang will finally pull through.
Winner: The Legacy

Michael O'Mahony: It's been made very clear over the last few weeks that this is the blow-off match to the feud, DX already did their bit for the youngsters by letting them win one, so I see Michaels and HHH taking this opportunity to get back the heat they never lost and get themselves all prepped for Jericho and Big Show. Huzzah.
Winners: DX

Brian Eison: I was shocked that Legacy won last month I did not see them getting HHH or HBK to tap-out. Perhaps to the surprise of a lot of fans DX continues to make Dibiase and Rhodes look strong in this feud. For the third straight month I expect this to be a highly entertaining match where the youngsters are made to look smart and strong against the veterans. But how far are they willing to go with it? Far enough to lose to them in a match that they are both so closely associated with? I don’t think so
Winner: DX

Mark Allen: Legacy had their fun. It's time for DX to reign supreme like they always do. The only way I see Legacy winning is if DX splits in order to build to WrestleMania XXVI. But even if that happens I don't see that happening for another couple of months.
Winner – DX

Andrew Wheeler: I don't like this feud and I am about as far from sold on Legacy as you can get. They just don't spark any excitement, and they need an injection of personality ASAP. Yeah that seems harsh, but saying you are completely enthusiastic about these guys is like saying TNA is close to turning it around. DX put them over last month and it did zero to help these guys. Legacy was supposed to create stars, not showcase vanilla wrestlers who haven't shown true potential. Cody seems like a capable worker, but he doesn't seem to have the ability to sound like anything above petulant. And as for Teddy, how can someone picked to star as the next Marine have no excitement whatsoever? I know it sounds like I am picking on them, and I am, but only because when we demanded new stars…we didn't mean them. My guess is DX squashes them. Well, my guess is a misguided HBK will try to get them over and job. My hope is they beat them and let Cody and Teddy show us they can do something with people who aren't Hall of Famers.
Winner: Dx

Tess Nolde: After the massive upset at the last PPV with Legacy kicking butt and owning that match, I have no idea where creative will be going with this. I had a look online to see when that UK DX reunion tour is happening, and that is in November, so I'm assuming that WWE TV will continue to have DX on it in some form until this tour finishes. (I was hoping it was sooner so that we could be looking at a DX split and I could come up with a decent answer to who will win). I guess that DX probably won't lose at two PPV's in a row, and they do have some successful HIAC experience, so I'll vote DX here. (though they probably wont be able to top that hysterical DX HIAC match at Unforgiven 06).
Winner: D-Generation X.

Raffi Shamir: I really enjoyed the last two PPV matches between these two teams and the feud has been progressing nicely without Orton's involvement. Legacy's win last month surprised me but I liked the way it was done. That said, DX will not lose twice to the saem team and considering that there's nothing to move forward to after HIAC, they put Legacy behind them for good.
Winners: DX

Paul Marshall: This is the only match that deserves the HiaC stipulation. The bad blood between Orton's bitches and DX means that there's only one thing left to do. Cut the balls off this rivalry and send Legacy back to kissing Orton's ass. I guess the face turn for DiBiase is out the window. The last two months was fun and games…now DX gets to sacrifice Legacy. It'll be a good match with them teasing Legacy winning, but it's Hunter's playground…He ain't gonna lose in his playground. If I was booking this, chances are that Trips would pop a quad and Shawn would take a bad back bump and I'd be forced to call an audible.
Winners: DX

Brad Curran: This feud has exceeded expectations and been good, but it needs to wind down, and Hell in a Cell is the Hs match as much as anyone’s (besides Orton vs. Cena, he or Taker have been in all the legit ones) (no, Mankind vs. Kane is not legit).
Winner: DX

Matthew Michaels: Legacy should win this one to really cement themselves as a force, but why not, here’s my prediction: DiBiase, who has a movie coming out soon, turns on Rhodes here and joins DX.
Winner: DX

United States Championship:
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger

Steven Gepp: I like all 3 guys in this match (Swagger has grown on me and Miz is starting to really step up a gear), so I am looking forward to this one.
Winner: Swagger

Roy Reynolds: I'm probably a complete moron for going with Kingston to retain yet again, but I haven't failed when I went with him to prevail in the past. I will say this once and I'll say it again. Kofi will finally drop the belt in a singles confrontation and for some reason, I see it happening on Raw.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Michael O'Mahony: I won't be buying this PPV, but if I did, this would be one of the reasons why. Kofi makes a great babyface US Champ, and the way he's been booked over the last few months has seen him climb from plucky underdog to solid midcarder capable of occasional upsets. The Miz's obnoxious promos have been a recent highlight of Raw, and credit to Mr. Mizanin for the work he's put in between the ropes. Lastly, the ever-improving Jack Swagger, who probably needs the belt least, is there to lend additional credibility to whoever walks out with the title.
Winner: The Miz.

Brian Eison: Kofi has faced a lot of challenges and kept the belt for awhile now. I think it’s time that his long list of challengers caught up with him.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Mark Allen: I like all three guys, but sadly regardless of who wins I don't see a revival of the mid-card or a real change in scenery or direction. I do think Kofi will lose the belt to one of these two in the near future, but I think it should be in a one-on-one match.
Winner – Kofi

Andrew Wheeler: Swagger is poised for bigger and better things, Kofi has held the title for too long, and shockingly enough Miz has indeed been awesome, so…
Winner: Miz

Tess Nolde: Oh, the "if I touch it, I've won it" title. Sorry, I'm in a sarcastic mood. I actually think that it's time for the title to change hands, but I've no idea who will be the winner in this one. I would love to see Miz walk away with the title, but I just think that's possibly a pipe dream of mine. So I might go with Jack Swagger to win. Mostly because I think he has untapped potential and could be an interesting title holder if Raw ever decided to dedicate more TV time to the US title scene.
Winner: Jack Swagger.

Raffi Shamir: This match is going to be either good or very good. But will it matter in the end? The Raw midcard seems to keep people just there, in the midcard, rather than the Smackdown midcard that seems like a stepping stone for bigger and better things. I like Kofi and he has good matches on a regular basis. I like Miz a lot but he seems stuck. And I loved Jack Swagger in ECW but I think the move to Raw hurt him and it would take him while to make it to the next level (And I'd love to be wrong about it because I believe he is ready to move the next level). With all that in mind, and looking to Bragging Rights later this month, I think it's time for Kofi to lose.
Winner: The Miz

Paul Marshall: Kofi's been strong in multi-man matches, but I think it's time to get the title off him. Even if he doesn't get pinned, he won't lose credibility that most would lose. If I was booking this, I'd give the title to the Miz and let him run with it while moving Swagger up to give Cena a program. All this booking is Jamaican Me Crazy! (Epic Adamle!)
Winner: The Miz (coin flip between him and Swagger) (New Champion)

Brad Curran: Sounds like fun filler on paper. I’ll take Miz, even if Kofi makes more sense, because I could see this three way feud going on for a while with a lot of title changes.
Winner: The Miz

Matthew Michaels: Just put the U.S. belt on the All American American already!
Winner: Swagger

Unified Tag Team Championship:
Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) vs. Batista & Rey Mysterio

Steven Gepp: I am enjoying the Jericho/Show team. I don’t care about the Batista/Rey team. This match will serve one of 2 purposes: Either break up Show and Jericho for the inevitable WM match, or be the catalyst for the Batista heel turn. I’ll go with my heart here.
Winners: Big Show / Chris Jericho

Roy Reynolds: I could be in the minority, but I sincerely believe that Chris Jericho and Big Show have been a boring team to watch lately. Same old crap all the time from those two. I can't say that I believe Batista and Mysterio will make a better duo, but it seems like that's the route WWE is going on, with Rey returning from suspension and all.
Winner: Batista & Rey Mysterio

Michael O'Mahony: I believe my comments on the main event pretty much cover how I feel about Batista. Rey doesn't need to be a tag team champion at this point, and there's a three-way feud with Morrison and Ziggler waiting for him. Jericho and Show to go over here and then go on to feud with DX.
Winners: Chris Jericho and The Big Show.

Brian Eison: I’m still a bit confused on this. Maybe my idea of how long Mysterio would be gone is off but I did not think he was scheduled to return from suspension already. In any case I do not expect the champions to drop the titles so quickly to this returning team of returning stars.
Winner: Jeri-show

Mark Allen: I pray that Rey doesn't walk into a PPV after a complete month of off TV and win a belt. There hasn't even a story attached to this rivalry yet. This feud has some legs on it yet and I don't see it ending after this one match.
Winner – JeriShow

Andrew Wheeler: Jericho and Big Show are too valuable a force on RAW for them to drop the straps here. The nice thing about them holding the belts is that tag title matches give main event guys something else to do. In other words, the less Primo the better. That being said, Dave can take a loss in his return so that the company can punish Rey. Besides, does anyone wanna see Batista twice a week? In the end, DX will take the straps, which works for me.
Winner: JeriShow

Tess Nolde: Why are we not seeing actual real tag teams here? How on earth is Batista & Mysterio a valid tag team? I'm feeling irritated by this match purely because I would much rather be watching the Hart Dynasty compete here. I'm going to stick with the current champions to win this one, because having them on both SD and Raw has actually been entertaining. Plus, it would be pretty horrific for the WWE to put a title on Mysterio literally moments after he has come back from a Wellness violation. I'll be disappointed if JeriShow don't win here.
Winner: Chris Jericho & Big Show.

Raffi Shamir: What would be the point of moving the titles from one makeshift team that has actually turned into a pretty good one to another makeshift team (Yes, I know they were tag champs before but this doesn't change anything) that one of its members is just cming back from suspension? Besdies, we still haven't seen DX vs. JeriShow.
Winners: JeriShow

This match had to be made to keep Mysterio happy. They moved Batista to SmackDown because he "beat everyone on RAW"…why would they give the Tag titles to him and Mysterio? Rumors do seem to claim that Jericho isn't booked on any RAW shows for the time being, but in this day and age, if you trust them…you need a brain checkup. If I was booking this, I'd stay with the status quo and elevate DX to be the next challengers who will dethrone the champs and work a program with the Hart Dynasty with a returning Bret Hart as their manager. Too outlandish?
Winners: JeriShow

Brad Curran: JeriShow need the tag titles to feud with DX over (since that’s the one thing DX hasn’t done; win the tag titles together). Batista and Rey can either go their separate ways, chase JeriShow on TV like Henry and MVP or Cryme Tyme, or break up and feud.
Winner: JeriShow

Matthew Michaels: I really think JeriShow should keep the titles, but showing the clip of Dave and Rey becoming tag champs on the Smackdown 10th Anniversary show made me think that was some foreshadowing on the part of WWE. OR maybe not. Does WWE reward Rey after a suspension? Actually, Rey was reportedly contesting that suspension, so maybe this is a make-nice?
Winner: Dave & Rey, although I hope I’m wrong

Intercontinental Championship:
John Morrison (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Steven Gepp: Could be good. I’m still not sold on Dolph. However Mr Ziggles seems lame and forced as an insult. I just hope the in-ring stuff is better than the lead-up stuff.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Roy Reynolds: Morrison has been nearly perfect as Intercontinental Champion up to this point and it would be a real shame if WWE had him lose the title in the middle of such a strong reign. While I do see Ziggler winning the strap at some point, I don't see it happening this Sunday on pay-per-view.
Winner: John Morrison

Michael O'Mahony: These guys are going to steal the show again. I think it's time Mr. Ziggles got his heat back after being humiliated by Morrison pretty much every week since The Friday Night Delight won the title. Besides that, his quest for the IC belt has to bear fruit at some point, or he ends up looking like a choker. Add to that the re-introduction of Rey to set up two babyfaces chasing Dolph, and you have all the ingredients for some great matches.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

Brian Eison: Morrison just got the belt and they are trying harder to make him a star than Ziggler so I think he will keep the belt for now.
Winner: John Morrison

Mark Allen: I would say that now is the time for Ziggler to win the belt but this new feud with Morrison has just started and it's too early to switch the belt.
Winner – Morrison

Andrew Wheeler: How do you keep the momentum on a champ in his first defense? How do you job out the challenger for a third time? DQ finish. These two are fighting not for the belt, but rather to show Vince they deserve to win MITB. No matter the finish, Morrison isn't dropping the title.
Winner: Morrison retains

Tess Nolde: I'm putting bets on this being the match of the PPV. Purely because both of these guys are excellent to watch, and I think they can pull out a great match here. Plus given the fact that they've had a bit of time to build storyline and actually develop a feud of some description, it should at the least, be exciting. I like Ziggler to win because he has been the top contender for the title for so long now that I actually am feeling that he probably deserves to wear the gold. (However, if anyone mentions the words "Mr Ziggles" consider me rolling around the ground in laughter. Such an immature thing, yet still hysterical).
Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

Raffi Shamir: FINALLY, JOHN MORRISON HAS COME BACK TO PPV! I love John Morrison. I love Dolph Ziggler. I HATE Mr. Ziggles. It may not be a HIAC match, but there's nithing stopping these guys from delivering the best match of the night. It seems like the need to push Morrison to the sky outweighs the need to prevent another PPV loss from Ziggler, so we won't see a title change. And then next month, we can get Miz vs. Morrison in a US Champ vs. IC Champ match.
Winner: John Morrison

Paul Marshall: Creative booked themselves in a corner. If Dolph Ziggler loses AGAIN, he has no hope to save face. If John Morrison loses, then the fanboys will cry about the title being hot-potatoed and that the WWE doesn't do long title reigns (and they'll promptly forget Kofi's long reign in the process). Then again, the same fanboys complained about Cena's nearly year long title run and Triple H's long title reign. It runs full circle. If Punk beats Undertaker, then I could see them getting the title off Morrison and elevating him to the main event, but that may be just a dream…though I'd book that if I was in charge. Let's give Dolph something to do and CAN WE PLEASE QUIT WITH THE FIRST GRADE INSULTS? ZIGGLES…WTF?
Winner: Dolph Ziggler (New Champion)

Brad Curran: I could live either guy going over here. I’m just interested in seeing how well they do, and how much time WWE gives them to do it in. I’ll go with Morrison, just because the storyline revolves around Ziggler being frustrated, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they drag in Melina and Maria before the title changes hands.
Winner: Morrison

Matthew Michaels: The belt should be put on Ziggler, but it should have happened vs. Mysterio. Not sure what good it does to have Morrison lose here unless it’s by screwjob and he moves up to face Punk next.
Winner: Ziggler

Divas Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs. Alicia Fox

Steven Gepp: Toilet break!
Winner: No-one who watches it. (Oh, okay, James)

Roy Reynolds: Alicia Fox has been pushed to the moon on Raw lately, but she doesn't have the experience to be a champion in WWE just yet. Mickie will prevail in the end. For the record, I'd love to see Beth Phoenix step up to the plate next as the new number one contender. Even Jillian Hall wouldn't be that bad.
Winner: Mickie James

Michael O'Mahony: Mickie's been in some pretty horrifying matches lately, and this will be no exception. Alicia Fox shouldn't even be on TV. They've been attempting to push her, though, so I won't be too shocked if she wins this. Otherwise it's just something to keep Mickie relevant until Maryse comes back. For the record, this making the PPV while the ECW champion sits backstage is one of the reasons I'm not ordering it.
Winner: Mickie James.

Brian Eison: The divas could really use some realignment between the brands because we are really at a loss for good or interesting match-ups for either of their championships. I don’t expect this to be either good or interesting.
Winner: Mickie James

Mark Allen: Just keeping the belt warm for Maryse's return…
Winner – Mickie

Andrew Wheeler: Mickie is keeping the tramp stamp title warm until Maryse can slither back into the picture. Until then, Mickie gets to wail on DJ Gabriel's sloppy seconds.
Winner: Mickie James

Tess Nolde: I'm sure most people will be thinking "toilet break match" about this one. But as someone who enjoys the women's division when they actually get a chance to wrestle, I am actually excited to see what these two can pull off in this. It's been said that Mickie has been getting complacent in her matches, and I totally agree with that. But A.Fox is a strong competitor and I have my fingers and toes crossed that she can pull a good match out of Mickie here. I've really enjoyed watching A.Fox rise the ranks from developmental to the roster, but it feels too early for her to pull off a win here. So I'm going with Mickie to win.
Winner: Mickie James.

Raffi Shamir: This is the only match on the card where all the Pulse writers picked the same winner so far. I will not be the one to break the consensus.
Winner: Mickie James

Paul Marshall: Everyone's pissing and moaning on how this match will suck because Mickie James has been a botching machine. In her defense, the majority of the botches she was involved with can be easily faulted to her opponent. This won't be Mickie/Trish or Mickie/Beth, but if there has to be one stinker on every card, this will most likely be it. If I was booking this, I'd keep the title on Mickie until Maryse returns or they decide to get serious with booking Beth Phoenix as the Awesome Kong of the WWE (bitch-killer).
Winner: Mickie James

Brad Curran: Fox seems okay for a green Diva, but she’s not nearly as good a heel as Maryse or a worker as Beth Phoenix, so this is just there to give the ladies some PPV face time and serve as a cool down match after one of the main events.
Winner: Mickie

Matthew Michaels: Sometimes, a challenger is built and built to a point where it’s inevitable that the up-and-coming superstar will be made champion. Not this time.
Winner: Mickie James

R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

Raffi Shamir: WWE announced that match literally minutes before we wrapped up this roundtable, that’s way you’ll only see three picks. I’m glad that these two are getting the PPV slot and hope they’ll make the most out of it, but the result is a foregone conclusion.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Paul Marshall: So we can have time for this and yet ECW doesn’t get a match for the show (title or non-title)…If I was booking this, I wouldn’t waste time booking a match better served for SmackDown or Superstars. This is just to get the fact that Drew McIntyre is Vince’s “Chosen One”. Drew should ask Elijah Burke how that went for him. McIntyre will be TNA bound by the end of 2010, guaranteed.
Winner: Drew McIntyre (since he’s getting the push)

Michael O’Mahony: Drew McIntyre is hardly going to lose on his PPV debut against a guy that’s well on his way to being wished well in his future endeavors.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Matthew Michaels: Drew’s got the Vince endorsement, so he’s also getting a win. He’s a lot younger than Killings, so that tells me WWE will push him harder than the former two-time NWA World Champ here.
Winner: Drew

And that’s the roundtable, with the last minute addition! Come back to Pulse Wrestling on Sunday night for full live and up to the minute report of WWE Hell in a Cell.

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