The Top 10 Worst Wrestlers List Update

March 29, 2010. Using a highly scientific method members of the staff at InsidePulse have compiled a list of the 10 worst wrestlers at the moment. We do not grade simply by technical skill. We include promo ability, dullness, unwatchableness, stupid crappiness among other factors and made up words. All complaints about the list should be put at the bottom of the page, where they will be figured into next week’s list. Your opinion is very important in regards to this highly scientific list. If a person was on the list the previous week, their previous number will be in parenthesis. If I don’t have anything to add about why a person is terrible, I’ll use the previous week’s quote.

Leaving the List this Week

Vladimir Kozlov: He’s pretty terrible, but he’s basically invisible right now.

Edge: Outstanding Wrestlemania match. He’s not a good face, but he was never long for this list.

Matt Hardy: The biggest jump of the week, a strong showing in the Money in the Bank match moves Matt Hardy from 2 to off the list! Still orange, fat, forever stuck in the midcard and charismaless, his huge bumps last night showed why we love the big goof. He’ll be back on the list in no time!

The Nasty Boys: Fired from TNA, they’ll never be able to claim the number one spot they so obviously deserved.

Honorable Mention

Eric Young: Mediocre in the ring? Check. Pushed down our throats? Check. In the main event of Impact!? Check. But it can always be worse (see below).

The List!

TIE! 10. Bret Hart and Vince McMahon: I know this isn’t fair, and I know neither of them are wrestlers, but I was literally cringing at their “match” in front of over 70,000 people. Also, I had trouble coming up with a fifth WWE wrestler to be on this list and didn’t want to make it unbalanced just yet.

9. Rob Terry: Uncoordinated, overly muscular, and squashing people with actual talent. He holds a meaningless title belt but a title belt nevertheless. He hit a nifty little spin kick the other week and that’s why he wasn’t on the first list, but if he’s going to suck this bad and be featured so much I have no choice but to put him on the list.

8. Cody Rhodes: They should have kept Manu and gotten rid of Cody Rhodes. He is the definition of bland and uninteresting. I’m trying to think about him as a wrestler and nothing positive is popping up. You can blame WWE creative for failing to get Ted and Cody over, but I think it has more to do with Cody being amongst the worst to ever get a push like that. They put him over DX and he did nothing with it! Stupid Cody.

7. Shannon Moore (6): Congrats Shannon Moore! Thanks to others sucking so badly you move down a place on the list. You’re still terrible, and you using Brian Kendrick to get your heat back is like Kevin Thorn using the Undertaker.

6. Michelle McCool (4): Michelle McCool is just awful. Really, really bad. Layla is better. Tiffany is better. Anyone is better. Yet, she is the go to champion. Vicki Guerrero at least has charisma.

5. Scott Hall (10): Scott Hall, you’re not listening! You’re supposed to be playing the manager type role, not wrestling main event cage matches. I mean, come on man! You literally have my body. I don’t even wanna take my shirt off at the pool till I lose some weight. You should not be wrestling on Impact for dozens of people like that.

4. Ken Anderson (3): You know what? Moments of brilliance do not justify the fetid, foul reign of Mr. Anderson. Between the embarrassingly bad main event matches and the sleep inducing promos punctuated by the enjoyable saying of his name, Ken Anderson continues to be the biggest overhyped failure in professional wrestling.

3. Matt Striker: Matt Striker came so close to ruining Wrestlemania. I cursed him out about five times during the show. I don’t know if he has to say what he says, if he’s never again allowed to delve into the past for inspiration, if he are only allowed to speak in confused cliches, but he has to stop. Matt Striker went very quickly from my favorite announcer including Jim Ross to the new Tony Schiavone. The WWE loves ruining their announcers, and they’ve done it again with Matt Striker. All the commentary from Wrestlemania was brutal, but Matt was in his own terrible league.

2. Drew McIntyre (5): In a prime spot, booked as the main heel in the Money in the Bank match, Drew McIntyre did nothing. I think he fell off a ladder and got crotched. Wow. Weird look, bad promos, and his wrestling is actually pretty lousy. He just couldn’t take the moment and make it his. Sad.

1. Matt Morgan (1): The very worst. He can either overact or underact. His move set is boring. His interview skills are abysmal. Every time he is on the television I want to change the channel. He is also pushed to the moon. He is the worst. I’m not sure there will be anyone who tops him as long as he is around.

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