Thursday I Won't Care About You #5: Friday I'm In Love (with Warren Ellis)

There’s a part of me that really believes I didn’t do my column yesterday just so I could make that joke.

I won’t apologize because I lost a chunk of eyebrow shaving this morning so I think I’ve been punished enough.

Today I’m going to do something a little different than rant on a comic related issue. Not that there isn’t something I’m itching to talk about, but that will have to wait until next week. Today we shall remain positive. Today is a celebration.


FreakAngels #100 hit the web.

Now for those of you out there going “Hell yeah, I love FreakAngels,” email me and we can arrange a time and a place where I can bestow upon you the daps and pounds you deserve. The rest of you are about to get a kick in the nuts.

FreakAngels is a weekly (FREE!) web comic written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Paul Duffield. It follows the lives of twelve twenty-somethings in the wake of a world ending catastrophe. It’s a little bit steampunk, a little bit science-fiction a little bit post-apocalyptic (well, entirely) and all Warren Ellis. It’s survival story that’s quickly begun to morph into something else.

And that’s pretty much where I have to cut myself off. There’s so much more I could say about this series but not without giving away all of the good bits that I’m kindly asking you all to go experience.

I think sometimes we comic fans take for granted that not everyone is reading the same books as us and how easy it is for fantastic comics to slip under people’s radars. This goes doubly for a comic like FreakAngel which only sees print in the form of trade paperbacks (which you should buy.)

More importantly, I think we as fans should also make every effort to support writers and artists who are experimenting with non-traditional methods of publication (although at this point the web-comic has become somewhat ubiquitous hasn’t it?) For all we know this model could be the future of comics.

And even if it’s not you should still read it. If not for the fact that I’m asking you nicely, if not Warren Ellis’ amazing writing or Paul Duffield’s beautiful art or the fact that it’s free and it’s summer and I assume you’re all as devoid of things to do as I am….do it for Arkady…

And the chikkinz.

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