Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Victory Road Report (RVD vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson, Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal, Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns)

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Victory Road Report
Live from Orlando
Announcers: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick – X-Division Championship – Ultimate X Match or Submission Match
As Kendrick was taking his jacket off, Williams tried to climb the girders as the bell rings. Kendrick is able to take him down pretty quickly. Kendrick tosses Williams to the floor, and tries to climb the girder, but Williams is back in, and tosses him off. Kendrick is back up, and locks on a Cobra Clutch, and then tosses Williams to the floor. Kendrick climbs the girder, and now Williams follows, and shoves Kendrick off, and he falls across the top ropes, then to the floor. Williams (who is afraid of heights) gets back down, and beats on Kendrick on the floor. Williams pulls out a pair of gloves, and climbs the girder, then starts sliding across the X ropes towards the belt, however Kendrick climbs up behind him, and tries to latch the Cobra Clutch in mid-air, but they both fall down, and it looks like Kendrick is knocked out, and Williams locks on a sleeper, and the ref stops the match after Kendrick doesn’t respond to lifting his arm.
Winner & Still Champion – Douglas Williams

Taz & Tenay go over the main event.

Bubba is with Christy backstage. He takes the mic out of her hands and says that Jesse Neal is a failure, just like her playboy.

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon
Bubba is out first, and he hides on the side of the stage. When Jesse comes out, he gets jumped by Bubba from behind. Devon’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. They cut to his dressing room, and it is barricaded shut, and you can tell Devon is slamming on the door, trying to get out. The bell rings, and Bubba is dominating the start. The 4 Hardcore wash-ups appear in the crowd, and distracts Bubba enough so that Neal gets a spear. Bubba kicks out, and takes right back over. He gets a chair and starts to stalk Neal with it, this brings Shannon Moore out (you know, instead of freeing Devon). While the ref is trying to keep Moore out, Bubba crushes Neal with a chair shot. Devon finally comes out, and he & Bubba have a staring contest. Just when we think that Devon is on the same page as Bubba, they start slugging it out. Neal is back up, goes for a spear on Bubba, but Bubba moves, and Neal hits Devon instead. Neal can’t believe he just did that, and gets caught in the Bubba Bomb for the pin.
Winner – Brother Ray

Recap of Madison Rayne retiring Tara & Roxxi. Then Angelina taking out Lacy & Velvet. Then they show Angelina putting her career up for the title shot.

Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love – Career vs. Woman’s Championship
Both ‘ladies’ look extra trashy tonight. Love is extremely aggressive to start. Rayne then tosses Love face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rayne gets a chair, but when she gets in the ring, Love kicks the chair back in her face. A motorcycle comes into the Impact Zone, and a woman in all black with a full helmet gets her way ringside. Love comes down to the floor to see who it is, and the masked woman shoves Love into the ringpost, then she shoves the ref. The ref calls for the bell, and decides that since there was a blatant DQ, Love will become the new Woman’s Champ.
Winner via DQ & New Woman’s Champion – Angelina Love

Madison rides off with the motorcycle lady.

Anderson cuts his normal pre-match promo…says that Abyss is a monster, the Enigmatic Assholes will collide, and RVD’s title reign will go ‘up in smoke’.

Kazarian & AJ Styles make their way to the ring, and the Mystery team is revealed to be…Rob Terry & Samoa Joe.

AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe & Rob Terry
Kaz & AJ are scare of Joe. Joe & Terry run roughshot over both for the first few moments of the match. Both Kaz & AJ are on the floor, and Terry whips Joe into the ropes, giving more momentum for Joe to hit a suicide dive on both. AJ finally catchs is breath, tags in Kaz, who hits a slingshot DDT on Joe. Kaz & AJ look at each other like they just now realize they need to work together. AJ back in, hits the Pele, which puts Joe in the corner, but as AJ charges, Joe catches him in a Uranagi. Terry in, hits all the classic big man moves. Fallaway Slam, Military Press Slam. Terry then goes for what looked like the Jackhammer on Kaz, but he turned it into the Dominator. Desmond Wolfe comes out, and distracts Joe. Both AJ & Kaz are on opposite aprons, and while Terry is looking at Kaz. AJ hits him from behind. And Kaz follows with a dropkick, and they score the pin!
Winners – Kazarian & AJ Styles

They celebrate with each other, but remember that they don’t like each other, so they back off. Wolfe comes in to make sure they know he helped, and then Joe jumps him from behind and this the M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster.

Abyss calls that board with nails ‘His Girl.’ He then says that they are coming a lot more.

Recap of Morgan/Hernandez feud.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez – Steel Cage Match
This match is Escape Rules only! Awesome. Hernandez is hot right away, and tosses Morgan into the cage. Morgan is trapped between the ropes and cage, and Hernandez shoulder blocks him into the cage. Hernandez then charges, but Morgan moves, and Hernandez goes head first in the cage. Morgan then takes over, and rams Hernandez’s head in the cage a few times. He goes to walk out the door, but he wants to do more damage. He then grates Hernandez’s head in the cage. Hernandez fights back goes for the Boarder Toss, but botches it, and almost drops Morgan on his head. Hernandez goes for another, but botches it again, but this time he is able to turn it into powerbomb. Hernandez climbs the cage, and looks like he’s leaving, but he stands on top, and goes for a splash…but misses. Morgan pulls out a pair of handcuffs from his t-shirt he had earlier in the match. He locks Hernandez to the ropes, and goes to climb out of the cage. As Morgan is climbing down, Hernandez rips the handcuffs off, and dives through the cage door to get the win.
Winner – Hernandez

Christy is with Ric Flair. He looks like he didn’t know he was supposed to cut a promo, however it was a classic Flair Promo, with plenty of “WOOOO’S”.

Recap of Lethal/Flair feud.

Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair
Tie-ups to start. Flair whips Lethal off the ropes, Lethal ducks the clothesline, hits one of his own. Then a back body drop, and then a clothesline sending Flair to the floor. As Flair is coming back in the ring, Lethal attacks, but gets a shoulder in his gut. Flair attempts to suplex Lethal to the floor, but Lethal reverses it, brining Flair in the ring. Lethal puts Flair in the corner, and he slugs away, and Flair does his faceplant. Lethal is relishing the moment, but gets a poke to the eye for his troubles. Flair goes to the top, but Lethal makes his way up to meet him, and hits a SUPERPLEX on Flair! Lethal goes for a Moonsault, but Flair rolls in and avoids it. Flair locks on the Figure 4, and he uses the ropes for his advantage. The ref catches him and makes him break the hold. Flair shoves the ref, and the ref gets in his face. Lethal then tries a roll up, but Flair kicks out. Flair whips Lethal the turnbuckle, but Lethal flips over it, ala Fair, and then sunset flips in, and tries a pin, but only pulls down Flair’s trunks to see a whole lot of 60-year old man ass. Flair then locks on the sleeper, but Lethal gets out with a belly to back suplex that lays out Flair in the corner, and hits a Vader Bomb across Flair’s knees. Flair is up and limping around, and Lethal hits a chop block, and locks on the Figure 4 for the win.
Winner – Jay Lethal

Flair yells at the ref, and the ref punches Flair. Odd. Lethal gets a mic and says ‘Mom….I DID IT!’.

Christy is with Jeff Hardy. He says that he will win the title tonight.

Motor City Machinguns vs. Beer Money, Inc. – Vacant Tag Team Championship
Guns try to keep things fast to start. Beer Money takes over, and they go back and forth beating down Shelley. Sabin gets the hot tag, and goes on the fast & furious offensive. Beer Money quickly squashes that, and at this point, all 4 men just stay in the ring. Shelley on the floor, and Roode slingshots over the top and lands on Shelley. Sabin follows with a suicide dive on Roode. Guns set up for the neckbreaker/splash combo, but Storm has the beer bottle and spits beer, but it goes into Referee Little Hebner’s eyes. Guns hit the finisher, but Little Heb is currently blinded. This brings out Old Man Heb to make the pinfall, but Roode kicks out. There is a double roll up, Sabin on Roode, Storm on Shelley, and both refs make the pinfall. Both Hebners argue over who won, and it was decided that they would just restart the match. Beer Money jumps the Guns, but the Guns quickly turn it around, tie up Storm in the corner, and hit the Neckbreaker/Splash on Roode for the pin.
Winners & New Champions – Motor City Machinguns

Recap of Angle climbing the Rankings.
”The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Kurt Angle
Back and forth to start. Angle is tossed out on the floor, and he looks frustrated. Pope holds the ropes open for him as a sign of respect. They tie back up, and Angle is able to slam Pope hard to the corner. Angle hits a belly-to-belly for 2. Pope blocks a suplex, hits one of his own, but holds on, Three Amigo’s style, but turns into a German. Pope is still holding on, and goes for another, but Angle elbows out, and hits the Triple German’s of his own. Angle with the Olympic Slam, but Pope reverse out of it, drops Angle on his neck, and goes to the top. Angle runs up the ropes, and hits the Belly-to-Belly SUPERPLEX, but only gets 2. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock, but Pope kicks out of it. Angle then charges Pope in the corner, but Pope moves, and Angle goes shoulder first into the post. Pope goes for the DDE, but turns it more into the Codebreaker. Pope sends Angle to the corner, and charges, but Angle floats over, hits the Olympic Slam for 2. Angle drops the straps, and locks on the Ankle Lock. Pope is struggling, and as he just gets to the ropes, Angle pulls him back. Pope is able to roll in Angle for a pin, but only a 2. Angle is up first, goes for a Sunset Flip, but Pope sits down on it for 2, but as Angle is rolling out of it, he grabs the Ankle Lock again. Angle lays out and cinches in on it for the tap out.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Christy with RVD. He wants to stick the 2×4 of nails up where the sun don’t shine on Abyss.

Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson – TN A Heavyweight Championship
The 3 faces take turns beating down Abyss. Anderson whips Jeff to RVD, who’s on his hands & knees, and Hardy launches himself on Abyss on the floor. Anderson then tries a rollup from behind RVD for 2. They stare off and RVD kicks him in the face. RVD calls for a Rolling Thunder, but Abyss pulls him out. Abyss in the ring, and Anderson & Hardy double team Abyss, and Anderson sets up for a Poetry in Motion from Hardy, but he pops up and hits a crossbody for 2, when RVD breaks up the pin. RVD & Jeff go at it for a bit, but then Abyss is back in, and all 3 are back on Abyss. They all take turns jumping on him on the floor. Anderson then sets up RVD on the top turnbuckle, Hardy is over, and they are looking for a double SUPERPLEX, but Abyss is over, and he hits a Tower to Doom, laying out all 3. After a few moments of rest, Abyss is up, and goes for a Choke Slam on RVD, but RVD kicks out, hits a top rope thrust kick, and then calls for the 5 Star, but Anderson shoves him off the top, and to the floor, hitting his head on the ramp. Hardy then runs over, and hits the Whisper in the Wind on Abyss for 2. Anderson with the Mic Check on Abyss for 2 when Hardy breaks it up. Hardy shoves Anderson to the floor, goes for the Twist of Fate, but Abyss shoves out, and hits the Black Hole Slam, but only gets 2 when Anderson pulls the ref out of the ring. Abyss is wondering why the ref stopped, and Hardy knocks him out on the floor. Anderson & Hardy finally go toe to toe, and Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but Hardy rolls out, goes for the Twist of Fate, but Anderson gets out. Anderson goes for a Hangman’s Neckbreaker, but Hardy reverses again, and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy then hits the Swanton on Anderson, but Abyss is there, and he Choke Slam’s Hardy on top of Anderson! Abyss goes for the pin on both, but RVD is back in, and hits the 5 Star on all 3 at the same time, and he pins Anderson for the win.
Winner and Still Champion – RVD

Abyss attacks RVD after the bell, and goes to hit him with his girl, but misses, and pulls the canvas away from the ring instead.

Show Over.

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