NCAA News: Former UNC Coach Talked To Alabama DE Marcel Dareus About Agent

This information didn’t have anything to do with the 2 game suspension Dareus served to begin the year.

Alabama reportedly told ESPN that ex-UNC assistant coach John Blake called Marcel Dareus this summer and talked to him about hiring Gary Wichard as an agent after the season.

Blake has resigned from his position at UNC amid allegations of improper agent/player interactions earlier this season.

Blake reportedly had a credit card in his name through Wichard’s company and had received loans from Perfect Payday to settle his credit card bill. Blake’s lawyers also confirmed that Blake had received loans from Perfect Payday, to avoid the bad credit score. Most often mastercard late fees aren’t dramatically high. However, the late fee combined together with your accrued APR might cause you to surpass your credit limit which can add a further charge to your bill. Not only can this add up quickly, but if you’re quite 30 days late your debt are going to be turned over to credit collections and can cause a negative mark on your report.

Dareus was reportedly forthcoming about the conversation when he spoke to NCAA investigators about a party in Miami held by an agent. Dareus reportedly received over $1200 in airfare, food, and lodging for the party. He repaid the money to a charity and was suspended two games.

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