Spoiler Warnings: Who Dispatches Hurt In Batman And Robin #16 By Grant Morrison?

Assuming himself free as he has distracted both Batmen and Robin, Hurt makes his getaway only to find a trail of dominos with the Joker at the end.Standing atop a few steps, with a gun illuminated between them, Hurt gives Joker an offer, to assemble a new Black Glove and destroy Batman and his legacy. Joker says no, and bets him that he can’t reach the gun first. Hurt goes for it and slips on a banana peel (of all things) and bashes his skull into the stone steps.

Joker doses him with Joker gas as he delivers his monologue, talking to a slowly going mad Hurt as he explains himself to a captive audience. Batman is gone, and the new Robin is too much like Joker to provide the right amount of fun for our favorite psychopath. He figured that Hurt could prove to be a worthy adversary, but he’s yet to make the Clown laugh. Joker beat him at cards, beat him at chess, and reminds him that the Joker always deuce. All of this as he deposits Hurt in a coffin and buries him ‘alive’.

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