Spoiler Warnings: Who Is The Predator’s New Host? Revealed In Brightest Day #17

As Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s fight against her evil mother has taken the Hawk’s to Zamaron in their last appearance, the two team up with the new leader of the Star Sapphires, Carol Ferris, to fight off the Queen and her manhawks. The Predator was tamed by Carol, but it finds great interest in Carter and Shiera, as the bodies of the original lives were the fuel of the Violet Light. Then, for what could possibly be for the absolute worst, the Predator senses a black and empty heart. Someone who loves no one, not even themselves, but only for power. The Predator asks if they are truly able to wield it….

And now Shiera’s mother, the Queen, is the host of the Predator.

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