Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 01.11.2011 – Derrick Bateman, Daniel Bryan, Johnny Curtis, Conor O’Brian, Ted DiBiase

Well, hello there, reader. Let me entice you into the world of NXT. After last week’s pro/rookie switch of Ziggler, Novak, Masters, and  Saxton, followed by the elimination of Jacob Novak, there’s definitely some unpredictability thrown into the mix. Let’s dive in, shall we?

We follow the formula of recap, theme song, and a good number of people waving at the camera to start the show. Stryker, with the rookies standing on stage, talks about next week’s elimination before introducing the challenge (worth 2 immunity points). It’s a slingshot challenge where the pro (in the ring) will slingshot something from the ring to the rookie (stage). Whoever catches the most stuff wins. This challenge is going horribly, as the announcers shit all over it. Derrick Bateman ends up winning with a score of…2.

Backstage antics with Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio’s ring announcer, as he’s on the phone with an exterminator. Because Conor O’Brian is like a rat. I get it. Ha!


Conor O’Brian vs. Byron Saxton

Byron starts off with a hammerlock on O’Brian. They release and Saxton hits a modified monkey flip. They lock up again. For a long time. Still in a lock up. Saxton gets pushed in the corner only to punch O’Brian down. He adds a kick and a few mounted punches. Another kick to O’Brians chest. Saxton chokes O’Brian using the second rope, then gets him in a chinlock with a knee to the back. O’Brian reverses with an armdrag. He mounts a small comeback only for Saxton to hit a bulldog and a nearfall. Saxton again applies pressure on O’Brian’s back with the knee. Saxton gets a nearfall after a kick. O’Brian fires back with a few rights only to eat a clothesline. A nearfall later, Saxton applies another chinlock. O’Brian fights out of it and hits a European uppercut only to be whipped to the corner and slammed on the ground. Nearfall on O’Brian. Saxton charges, but eats a boot and a full nelson slam for the pin.

Winner: Conor O’Brian via pinfall

Del Rio is in there celebrating with O’Brian. He tells Ricardo Rodriguez to announce O’Brian as the winner, which he does very reluctantly.

Backstage antics showcasing a double date from last night with the Bellas, Daniel Bryan, and Derrick Bateman. I’ll let you figure out who took out who.


We’re back to the next challenge which is titled “Superstar Password”. The gist? Rookie gets a superstar name, has to charade/clue it out for the pro to guess. After realizing how little the pros actually know each other, Derrick Bateman wins the second challenge of the night.


We get a video package of the first inductee to the Hall of Fame, Shawn Michaels. Fitting.

Backstage antics recapping the double date. I would attempt to summarize the events, but…you know, I can’t even make a decent joke about this. The segment was horrible.

Ted DiBiase vs. Johnny Curtis

DiBiase starts with a takedown and a hammerlock. He rolls it into a headlock, which Curtis reverses into a leg scissors before they break. DiBiase gets another headlock, which Curtis breaks out of only to eat a clothesline. Curtis finally gets a bit of token offense, followed by a back body drop, and a suplex. He misses with an over-the-rope leg drop and DiBiase has control.


We’re back and DiBiase has a, you guessed it, a headlock on Curtis. Yes, I’m griping about DiBiase not getting a push too. Curtis elbows out only to eat another clothesline. A nearfall by Dibase, followed by another one. DiBiase mounts and punches, then talks some trash to Truth. Curtis is choked on the second rope, then in the corner with DiBiase’s boot. DiBiase adds a few kicks. Nearfall by DiBiase. Curtis attempts a comeback, but takes a back elbow and a nearfall. DiBiase has control now with a….headlock. Curtis again attempts to fight back, but DiBiase hits the Sky High (damn, haven’t heard of that in awhile) for the nearfall. Curtis rolls over towards the apron as DiBiase attempts a kick, only to miss. Curtis hits a guillotine. He rolls in the ring and hits a kitchen sink. Curtis attempts a backslide, fails, but turns it into a suplex and a nearfall. Maryse distracts the ref, which allows Brodus Clay to hit Curtis. Truth runs over and takes out Clay. DiBiase is distracted by this and gets rolled up by Curtis for the win.

Winner: Johnny Curtis via pinfall

And that’s all, folks.

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