Scott Lobdell To Take Over A DC Comics Title?

Bleeding Cool is rumbling that with Bob Harras now the Editor in Chief at DC Comics a door has been opened to former X-Men writer Scott Lobdell to come back into the main stream.

Lobdell was a pretty big name writer in the 90’s, being one of the more¬†prominent¬†writers in the X-Men office along with guys like Fabian Niceza and Jeph Loeb, and during the big boom of the industry he had issues selling in the seven figures. Then Joe Quesada came in, Grant Morrison took over X-Men from Lobdell, and Scott has been just sort of….around ever since. I’ve seen his name attached to fill in issues on books like Gotham City Sirens (that former Nexus EiC Manolis Vamvounis claimed were older unused stock issues), but he hasn’t really had a name brand project in a while.

But apparently that’s all going to change, as he has a good working relationship with Harras, who has already decided on a title to give to Lobdell. BC doesn’t have a name for which title, however, as the current writer on the book has yet to be informed of the impending creative shift.

I’m….not sure whether to be scared or excited. This better not screw with Batgirl or Red Robin!

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Source: Bleeding Cool