Beyond the Relaunch: The Rest of Previews for September

For the last month, all that anyone has been talking about in the comics world is what DC is doing in September.  I was just going over my pull-list order for the month, and see that there are a lot of other comics coming out that month that should be talked about.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse has two new Mignola-verse mini-series debuting:  Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest and BPRD Hell on Earth: Russia.  These books are always good, and feature artists I’m not familiar with (James Harren and Tyler Crook, respectively).  Dave Johnson is doing the covers for both books, which is always a good thing.

Also, Dark Horse has resolicited Fear Agent #31, which was originally supposed to be out in October 2010.  Which means that they’ve been working on this book for a year – it has to be good!


Part of the problem with all of DC’s promotional energy being focused on their Relaunch is that I haven’t heard a single thing about the new Vertigo trade paperback Marzi.  It looks to be a memoir (written by Marzena Sowa) about life growing up in Communist Poland, and it looks fantastic.  At least, that’s my opinion based on the cover and solicitation text, as that’s all I know about this.


Image has been the place for great new series that grab a lot of attention lately.  In September, the series 27 returns with a Second Set.  Also, Rick Veitch has a new series, The Big Lie, which is about what really happened on 9/11, when a woman goes back in time to try to rescue her husband.  Veitch is no stranger to controversy; in fact I feel like he regularly courts it.  I’m not sure what he’s going to do with this book, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

I just looked over my pull-list for September, and I have 18 books on it from Image.  In contrast, I’m ordering 21 from DC (including Vertigo).  I do get a lot more Marvel books (especially when they keep putting out two books a month).  Still, for a smaller publisher, that’s a lot.  I find that the Image books are the ones that I most look forward to every week too…


So I buy a lot of Marvel books, and I enjoy most of them (or they get the axe pretty quickly these days), but I find that I’m not as excited about them as I once was.  Part of the problem is the fact that so many of the titles I get are coming out too frequently – it’s killing my enthusiasm Marvel.

Here are the books that I’m ordering, that are double or triple-shipping:

Journey Into Mystery (2 issues)
Heroes For Hire (2 issues)
New Avengers (one regular issue, one .1 issue, one annual)
Hulk (2 issues)
Daredevil (2 issues)
Thunderbolts (one regular issue, one .1 issue)
X-Factor (one regular issue, one .1 issue)

Ridiculous.  I think it’s time to start trimming some of these titles.

Of course, the Marvel book that I am genuinely excited about for September is Casanova: Avaritia.  Matt Fraction’s series is incredible, and I’m so happy to see that he’s returning to it with some new material.  I’m very excited to see some new Gabriel Bá art as well.


So Archaia is soliciting The Secret History: Games of Chance #4 for September.  There are five issues in the series that have to come out before then.  Any bets on whether or not it happens?  I do love this series though, so it’s worth whatever the wait will be.

Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand, a new hardcover, looks pretty interesting.  It’s an adaptation of a screenplay Henson left behind, and it sounds trippy and interesting.


I never bothered with Alan Moore’s Neonomicon when it came out as a mini-series, thinking that if it’s as good as everyone says, I’d rather read it in one book, with the precursor graphic novel The Courtyard, which is included in this collection.

:01 First Second

I often really like what I read from First Second, and their new graphic novel Americus sounds great.  It’s about a boy who has to defend his favourite fantasy novel series from a group of Christian activists who are trying to get it banned from the local library.

Legendary Comics

I’m not sure what to think of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror.  Is his re-written Batman vs. Al Qaeda comic going to do or say anything different from Kyle Baker’s Special Forces?  I can see how this could be amazing, but Miller has moved permanently into his All-Star over-the-top mode, and it leads me with a cold sense of dread.


So Wasteland is finally coming back!  That’s probably the second most exciting thing in Previews this month (after Casanova).  I love this series, and have missed it very much while it’s been on hiatus.  I hope that Antony Johnston and friends have worked out whatever was going on with this book.

So, what has you excited for September?

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