DC Comics Relaunch: Dan DiDio Clarifies Crisis On Infinite Earths Musing: It Happened Differently

In the “don’t take clipped comments on social networks as gospel”, DC Comics Co-Publisher clarified his Crisis and New 52 comments today.

Anyone who has read the New 52 knows, with some characters changing dramatically (e.g. Superman, Firestorm, others) and others not (e.g. Batman, Green Lantern, others). In between we have youthful characters that don’t cleanly fit (e.g. DC’s Robins particularly Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin) and other misfits. Many of the old key events like the Crisises, Batman R.I.P., Emerald Twilight, Death of Superman, happened but it all was shoe-horned into 5 years and naturally had to happen slightly differently.

We’ve covered these “logic bombs” relating to Batman’s Robins and all the Batgirls. We’ll be covering the logic bombs around Superman and Green Lantern in the coming weeks as well.

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