DC Comics’ Next Sell-Out, A Batman Book, But NOT A New 52 Relaunch Book? (Batman & Robins?)

Well, I didn’t think I’d pick up a Johnny DC title, but in fairness over the years I have picked up the odd Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam title. I typically decided based on the cover. I also like the done-in-one aspect of these books targeted to kids.

So, as many around here know, I am a big fan of Batman’s ex-Robins and particularly liking their portrayal in the New 52 DC Comics Relaunch. As you can imagine then, the cover to Batman: the Brave and the Bold #13 would rope me in. It seems rooted in the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe with several Robins in the mix, brought together by the Phantom Stranger to save a dying Batman. The Robins from across time include:

– Nightwing (Robin I, Dick Grayson)
– Robin II (Jason Todd)
– Robin III (Tim Drake)
– Robin IV (Stephanie Brown)
– Robin V (Damian Wayne)
– Robin VI (Dark Knight Returns’ Carrie Kelly)

So, why is this all a big deal? Well, I actually had to go to over 15 comic book stores over the last two weeks to try to track down this book. I picked up my copy of the issue this past Tuesday at a lower traffic comic shop, but it was their last issue.

I did inquire at a few of the shops if they had any issues on reorder, but I was informed that Diamond the distributor indicated to retailers that volume was very low at the warehouse; leaving all the retailers to remark they likely won’t get any re-orders.

Batman: the Brave and the Bold likely has a much lower print run since it’s a book targeted to kids and, as we all know, the bulk of comic book readers nowadays aren’t kids. In fact, just like I was intrigued by BBB #13’s cover, it seems so were several other older readers. A lot of non-regular Brave / Bold readers picked up the book according to all the retailers I visited.

Many folks are still trying to find this book. When I checked eBay earlier in the week, no issues were found… yet.

I imagine this will be the next sell-out by DC. Could DC Comics actually reprint a Johnny DC title? With a red background on the reprint cover? 😉

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #13 is an issue well worth the effort the track down. Light and fun, but with a nice emotional depth and characters assessment by Robins Inc. (my words, not the book’s) field leader Nightwing in dishing out assignments of their save-Batman mission.

Highly recommended… if you can track it down.

Here’s a taste of the interior:

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