10 Thoughts on TNA Victory Road 2012 (Bobby Roode vs. Sting, Bully Ray vs. James Storm)

1. Bully Ray can cut a decent promo, but a 70 second match and he loses? I read somewhere he has a bad ankle, but, really, 70 seconds? Storm cut a good promo as well, weathered the brief flurry, then hit that ‘last call’ superkick. Mind you, I will say thank God because Roode/Storm is the one match I am looking forward to see at the moment.


2. Eric Bischoff needs to get off my TV right now. I don’t need to see him ever, ever again. More to the point, I actually like Borash. And Twitter can sod off as well.


3. Aries is the new Flair. I think he can have at least a watchable match with anyone. And he’s damn entertaining to boot. Tweeting mid-match was funny as hell. He sells brilliantly, and his offense is crisp and clean. I agree with him – he should be main eventing TNA. But Ion still needs work. He doesn’t suck, but he needs more.


4. I like Magnus/Joe. I like both of them, I think their work together has been good, and it’s given Joe a new lease on life considering the lacklustre matches I saw from him in 2011. And then there’s Crimson/Morgan. I watched Lockdown 2009 recently. Shouldn’t Morgan have improved in that time? The right team won, and the break-up is something I could not care less about. Bring on MCMG (nice video, by the way).


5. “I want to apologise for my co-worker Eric Bischoff. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about him backstage for the past 20 years?” Line of the night from Jeremy Borash.


6. The TV Title match was okay. Devon looked good, the crowd popped for his win. That was enough.


7. I don’t need to see Madison Rayne in a wrestling ring again.


8. I don’t need to see Mr Anderson on my TV again. He was a bit useless. But I do want to see Styles / Kazarian / Daniels have a 3-way battle.


9. Jeff Hardy against Kurt Angle happened. I was bored.


10. Sting v Roode was also a bit boring, but it was certainly better than last year’s main event. And it made Roode look strong going into Lockdown, even with an odd ending. I am hanging for Roode/Storm. I just hope it does not disappoint after 6 months of build. Real build. Not fake, contrived build or build knocked up in a month.


Mediocre show.


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