Spoiler: What’s Doc Ock’s Master Plan? (Amazing Spider-Man #682)

Way back in Amazing Spider-Man #600, we found out that Doctor Octopus was dying.  In order to leave a legacy, he had planned to turn New York into a machine-driven utopian society, which Spider-Man and the Human Torch put a stop too.  Since then, Doc Ock has been operating mostly in the background putting together some kind of insane master plan with the Sinister Six.

This issue, we start to see what that plan is.  First Doc Ock uses massive lenses to show half the world what it would look like if global warming was taken to its extremes (CURSE YOU, AL GORE FOR INVENTING GLOBAL WARMING!):

And then he offers to swoop in and “fix” all the problems humanity has created for itself, starting with global warming.

Obviously, Ock is nuts, but I love the idea that in the end, he seems to be trying to be remembered for saving humanity (even if he had to cause a lot of harm to do so).

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