Young Justice Invasion: Depths Episode: Top 5 Big Developments (Cartoon Network / DC Nation)

Episode 7 “Depths” of Season 2 of the animated Young Justice series, called Young Justice: Invasion this season, had 5 major developments for the long running plots and subplots that have peppered all Season 2 episodes.

And, here they are. Spoilers and news abound.

FIVE: Impulse & Speedy: The episode with news stemming from the debut of Impulse last episode the rescue of the original Speedy. Bart Allen (Impulse) is staying with retired Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick while Roy Harper is confined to a hospital in Star City (home of Green Arrow). No word on Arsenal (Roy Harper’s clone), Chesire or their daughter Lian (who all actually found the real Roy Harper).

FOUR: Superboy & Miss Martian: Viewers finally learn the details of the pair’s break-up. Superboy was concerned about how Miss Martian was invading the minds of villains to get information and leaving them catatonic. She even tried to wipe Superboy’s mind! Shortly after the break-up, Miss Martian started dating Lagoon Boy.

In terms of modern day, Superboy dons Superman’s costume for a spell and Miss Martian is disguised as Martian Manhunter so that villains aren’t aware that the Justice League’s big guns are offworld presumably standing trial for the events of the Season One finale. Lastly, Lagoon Boy is captured by the forces of Black Manta in this episode.

THREE: Aqualad & Artemis: The team traitor Aqualad kills Artemis in her return mission with the team to the pleasure of his father Black Manta. Aqualad really looks villanous when he skewers Artemis.

TWO: Nightwing, Kid Flash… Aqualad??… & Artemis???: Well it seems there has been more than meets the eye to this season. It seems that Nightwing, Kid Flash and Artemis have kept a big secret: that Aqualad has been working undercover in Black Manta’s organization to move up the ranks, identify the Light and find out the secret benefactor likely the “Competitor” that’s been hovering over this season like a spectre.

And, Aqualad then in fact didn’t kill Artemis as thought. He manipulated his water sword to go around Artemis and Nightwing put some fake blood and some other kind of masking agent on her so Superboy couldn’t hear her heart. Looks like these four are keeping secrets from the rest of this expanded Young Justice cast, including original members Miss Martian and Superboy, as well as the Justice League.

ONE: Aqualad & Artemis redux: To keep up the illusion Artemis is dead, Nightwing gives her a “glamor” charm / amulet that she puts on. She will appear to others a darker skinned and dark haired woman, but to her four co-conspirators she looks the same. The necklace has one of Zatanna’s spells on it. Nightwing convinced her to do that without revealing his plans. Seems that Zatanna and Nightwing may have had a relationship in the past making this amulet ask more likely as a “don’t ask” favor. The episode ends with Aqualad and Artemis getting on board the Black Manta ship that Aqualad commands.

There were no developments on the kidnapped kids that appear to be modeled on the 1970s diverse Super Friends.

From checking out a few online sources I believe the series stops with new episodes for now at this mid-season mark with the next week showcasing the second run offering of Season Two’s season premiere.

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