Earth 2 #2 Cliffhanger: Green Lantern Already Made New 52 Debut?

I can not remember the last time one comic book garnered so much love and attention from the folks over hear at the Comics Nexus. Even after almost one week we’re finding new easter eggs from Earth 2 #2 that are worth sharing with you.

Case-in-point, fandom and non-fan interlopers have been going ga-ga over the whole sexual orientation change of Alan Scott, the soon-to-be-Green-Lantern of Earth 2. Then the other side was ga-ga over the cliffhanger ending to Earth 2 #2 that seemed to undercut the sexuality reveal.

While it’s been over a week and I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, if you still plan to read Earth 2 #2, I wouldn’t suggest reading this article any further. After a week plus this is more news than spoiler and more speculation than fact.


I meant it.

Alrighty then.

Here we go.

On the left you have the actual cliffhanger ending panel from Earth 2 #2. On the right you have the same page, but with a glowing green light identified in the explosion.

Is there a happy ending in store for Alan Scott afterall? Is he Green Lantern already and able to save his partner?

Or is the cover to issue #3 showing a grieving and angry new Earth 2 Green Lantern?

Can’t wait for next month.

Also, in light of all our site’s Earth 2 #2 coverage, I thought I’d provide a rundown on all the stories you may want to check out.

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We also covered a fair bit spoilers that you may be interested including our thoughts on their implications.

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