Changes to the WWE Schedule, More Dates for the Part-Timers! (Jericho, Brock, Rock, HHH)

Throughout the week, WWE has altered their Road to WrestleMania line-ups in several ways.

After his return to Raw this past Monday, Mark Henry has now been added to all SmackDown tapings leading to WrestleMania.

An unusual change in the line-up has seen Triple H being advertised to for the SmackDown taping after WrestleMania, but, since he hasn’t returned yet, no other dates are available just yet.

Despite not having a match yet, Chris Jericho has been listed for the Elimination Chamber PPV in New Orleans, and he has added more SmackDown tapings and house show tours in March after the wrap-up of “Fozzy’s” next run.

The following is the current scheduled calendar dates for taped shows in which each of the part-timers will be participating. This is subject to change as dates are added or more part-timers return.

February 11 Raw (Nashville, Tenn.): The Rock, Chris Jericho, no Brock Lesnar.
February 12 SD (Little Rock, Ark.): The Rock, Chris Jericho.

February 17 Elimination Chamber PPV (New Orleans): The Rock, Chris Jericho, no Brock Lesnar.
February 18 Raw (Lafayette, La.): The Rock, Chris Jericho, no Brock Lesnar.
February 19 SD (Biloxi, Miss.): No part-timers.

February 25 Raw (Dallas, Tex.): Brock Lesnar only.
February 26 SD (Oklahoma City): No part-timers.

March 4 Raw (Buffalo, N.Y.): The Rock only.
March 5 SD (Albany, N.Y.): No part-timers.

March 11 Raw (Indianapolis, Ind.): Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, no The Rock.
March 12 SD (Ft. Wayne, Ind.): Chris Jericho only.

March 18 Raw (Pittsburgh, Pa.): Chris Jericho only.
March 19 SD (Cincinnati, Ohio): Chris Jericho only.

March 25 Raw (Philadelphia, Pa.): The Rock, Chris Jericho, no Brock Lesnar.
March 26 SD (Hershey, Pa.): The Rock, Chris Jericho.

April 1 Raw (Washington, D.C.): Pre-WM29 with The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho.

April 7 WM29 (MetLife Stadium): The Rock official.
April 8 Raw (E. Rutherford, N.J.): Day-after Mania with The Rock, Chris Jericho advertised.
April 9 SD (Boston, Mass): Triple H, Chris Jericho advertised.

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