Justice League Spoilers: What Is The Atom’s Secret?

This month’s issue featured a classic Justice League villain taking on the three newest recruits to the roster, as Despero came to kill the Justice League but only found Firestorm, Element Woman, and The Atom. Yeah, I never said it was a fair fight. Despero rips Firestorm into his two separate pieces, breaks Element Woman into pieces, and then turns his mental powers towards Atom.

 Justice League (2011-) 020-009

Atom, who spends the entire issue narrating about how she has a secret that can’t get out. How she doesn’t want Despero in her head because he might pick it out. At her size it’s harder for him, but he’s getting closer and closer to discovering what she’s hiding…but then he’s interrupted…by the Martian Manhunter. Atom gets to watch the fight, now with two telepaths capable of rooting through her head for her deep dark secret, but J’onn makes quick work of Despero and simply tells her to not alert anyone to his presence.

 Justice League (2011-) 020-020

When she gets home, Rhonda…Atom, is freaking out on the phone with someone. She doesn’t want to do this anymore, doesn’t want to lie, keep secrets, or spy on the Justice League. Even if it means not being the Atom, she can’t face being used as a tool against the League. Because her secret is that she is a spy.

Justice League (2011-) 020-021
A spy put in place by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor.

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